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Would like to hear any experiences and thoughts on owning a 2000 ( or similiar) Subaru Impreza RX Manual Non-Turbo?

Found one with about 223,200 kilometres on it for $5000, modded with wrx spoiler,rims, bridgestone tyres and twin tip muffler


I know absolutely nothing so the more information, the better :)

would like to learn about the engine, clutch, how reliable etc etc  just tell me anything, just enthusiastic to absorb any information .


Will be using this as a daily- highway driving- thoughts?





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wonder if a 'kid' was driving that car?


16 year-old cars are all the same regardless of brand. That is, 99% of their value as possible trouble-free, reliable transportation is dependent on their past care/lack of abuse and their present condition, not their brand. So, shop carefully and have a GOOD mechanic inspect the car before purchase. For instance, torque bind and headgaskets would be areas of extreme concern. You may need expert help in checking the car over.


post your city in a new thread asking for a recommendation and someone may know of a good soob-experienced garage near you.

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Well, it appears to have been well taken care of from the first two pictures linked. Last two pictures only open up to a thumbnail size so hard to tell.



Personally, I think $5k is too much, especially for a base engine variant with dubious upgrades. I only paid $850 for my a 95' Legacy wagon that needed a rear crossmember (paid $15 for a 1 year old crossmember) and it had some exo-rust and needed a nicer rear hatch. It had 172k miles and everything worked and still driving it.


Talk them down.

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