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How to Remove EA82 3 Door Coupe window Molding?

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The plastic C-Pillar window molding on my ea82 coupe is broken.

(Number 37/38 pictured)

I have to remove the A-Pillar/Gutter molding to get to it. (35/36)

How should I go about removing these? Without snapping them, of course.
Thanks for your time.



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These plastic trim pieces were never designed to be removed.  I usually try to not crack the trim piece itself and expect the mounting tabs to break.

Then either drill a hole and mount with screws or toggle bolts. 


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I use these for mounting hardware, theyre rubber, put a dab of silicone to hold it and add waterproofing, but the rubber crushes to seal the hole, 36/c ea at ace. Any time you drill your exterior its best to scuff and prime the hole, even if its parts store primer, these cars already rust like a Scottish fishing boat, so if you dont want to eventually sweep it out of your garage, do all the preventative work youcan lol. Just my 2cpost-62852-0-79611400-1465254638_thumb.jpg

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Today I went to a junkyard that had a 3 door coupe being parted out.
Too bad the moldings on both sides were already removed by the time I arrived.

I did score the grill, rear bench, and the driver's seatbelt though.

When I looked inside the cab, whoever was there first took out all the plastics around the headliner. It looked like there was access to the back side of these moldings, some slits in the metal where the plastic tabs would come though.
But, since the moldings were already gone, I didn't inspect very hard, plus it was only at a glance while removing my interior pieces.


Perhaps I should just glue the broken piece back on. When held up in place by hand it looks practically seamless.

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