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Old School Japan 4WD Non-Subaru Picture Thread


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FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser  from 1960 - 1984 ( slightly larger version of CJ Jeep)

And later versions  along with the smaller Toyota Hilux

Making it one of the most successful 4WDs globally - only need to look whats being used in the Greater Eurasian /  African / South American Continents / Australia  for many years. Superceded  Landrover use as superior and more reliable.

Same here in NZ everyone  (farmers) had Landrovers (50s/60s) and when  Landcruisers /Hiluxes appeared they took over.

The CJ Jeep was too small to be of practical use - great in Worldwar 2 as there was nothing else.





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Those are the ones that I've not seen in this thread, but also there are many of the other ones posted before, including the Daihatsu Rocky and Daihatsu Feroza.


But... How about the old-school Korean 4WD vehicles? ... we have Kias here since the 1970's decade, starting with the Kia Master, and they sells many 4WD trucklets here, also this small Jeep-like model, known as the Kia Retona:





Comes in Turbo-Diesel 4WD dual Range Fashion




Kind Regards.

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