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Hey ya'll while taking apart my IAC I partially broke the gasket (it's useable, but super hard and now part of it is missing).  I was curious 1) if it's supposed to be a non-flexible plastic or if mine is just really old. 2) Could I use a gasket maker to make a new gasket for it?  

I'd rather not go through the trouble of ordering a new gasket and waiting around for it to show it. would be awesome to grab some RED RTV and just do it today.  Not sure about gasket maker cause I've never used it before. I've been reading on here, but couldn't find any solid info.  Let me know what ya think or if gasket maker would be okay which one ya'll could recommend.  

Also! check out that new prof pic. GAMES GAMES vinyl on the GL now  :banana:  for free via school....

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I'd go to a car parts store, and get a thin sheet of thin gasket and cut one.


Even a sheet of heavy paper would work temporarily.

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