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I am looking at a Subaru where it is a loud ticking noise from the engine. Look at the video linked: 

It apparently started when the person startet up the car and the car suddenly revs higher and higher by itself. They managed to stop it without any problem. Sounded like a turbo problem, but after a look on it it seems like that is not the case. Don't see why it would tick like that either.
Diagnosed the fuel flow into the cylinder and that seems fine...
Can the chain make this noise?, even though I don't think that'sit.
Its a Subaru Impreza 150hk 2010 model. 
I am completely new to Subaru.

-Thanks for the help smile.gif
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Well, unfortunately, they don't let us have the diesels here in the states so we may not be much help.


Kind of sounds like a loose valve to me, and checking valve clearance would be a good place to start.

Forgot to mention that I checked them. The exhaust valve was a little loose, tighten it up, but still the same...

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My diesel does the same until it's warm, Changed the engine oil last night, and now it goes away a LOT quicker.
seems like the same issue the petrol boxers have where (as far as I know) the pneumatic cam followers are expanded by oil pressure get a bit stuck and don't open fully.
I was able to fix this years ago with a new oil pump and 2 successive oil changes - essentially a flush.

- don't forget to reset the oil dilution ratio ;)

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