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  1. Looking into buying this 2008 Outback. Looks dang sweet. Curious about the possibilities of a motor swap when the one it has goes out? I can acquire an EJ22 and keep it on hand till she goes! I'm very aware of the electronic differences between a 1996 and 2008 car, but sending out an SOS to all you Subaru geeks out there!
  2. Alright I got a bunch of parts that arrived! Intake manifold w/ SPFI throttle body, distributor, all necessary intake stuff, and MAF. All from a 1993 Loyale, quite a big year gap but we will see what happens.
  3. Subuhrue

    Leone Parts

    Yes they do! I think I paid $364 (?) for my pair of front CV axles. Went right in!
  4. Subuhrue

    Leone Parts

    CVJ Axles in Colorado will rebuild your OEM axles. They sent me OEM reman'd 1984 GL front axles earlier this year, great service! All through email.
  5. 1993 Legacy Wagon AWD Automatic 4EAT transmission Code P22 and the car will not shift properly. Owner says that it started having the shifting issues after he put on a spare tire and put the 15A FWD fuse in. Anyone know what this could be?
  6. Also curious what would work for the 84 GL sedan.
  7. This it? https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=2650372&cc=1268478&jsn=10371
  8. Yep. There is a lot of science and work put into new synthetic oils.
  9. @jono - Okay good to know! I will take a thorough look at this when I receive the EA82 intake manifold. Thanks! @el_freddo - Right on man. Do you have a picture of the toilet bowl gasket you are referring to? Not sure I know what you are talking about! I'm with you on sourcing those nuts as well, I would prefer to put new ones back on, same with the intake manifold bolts. Is there an aftermarket distributor that isn't trash and that is purchasable that will not require a modification? Just curious.
  10. Thank you! The progress will be slow as I source parts and have time to work on it. Haha, GD is a boss, but I must not listen to him on this one and listen to the PDF he wrote about SPFI lol! Where are you at with your conversion so far? I just sourced pretty much everything I need, now it's time to order it. Please keep tuning in to this thread and sharing you two cents as well, I am sure we will be able to help each other out along the way!
  11. Intake manifold removed. Got the top of the motor cleaned up a little bit too! So much grease from the previous owners...
  12. Yes I have the guide downloaded luckily! I will follow it it as closely as possible. Wish there were more EA81T or EA82T out there with the MPFI, I would much rather have that. Thanks for the tip jono!
  13. I've already seen those exact posts from him hahahaha! I don't care.
  14. Does anyone have intake manifold gasket suggestions? From what I am reading Fel-Pro is BAD. RockAuto is showing Fel-Pro, APEX, and MAHLE.