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  1. Case solved. It was the electronic throttle control relay. The car ran for about ten minutes and then I gave it the throttle and the motor died on me. Assuming it's the spark plugs or fuel filter. This car sat for years at an auction yard.
  2. How does one access these two relays?!?! This is madness haha
  3. Good to know! I just started working on cars a year ago so my knowledge of all this is minimal and growing every day. The electrical side of cars is insane! I will report back with today's findings
  4. Thanks for the info GD! Do the throttle bodies around these years have their own dedicated relays or do they use the MAIN relays on the diagrams? So far looking through the service manuals I haven't found any information pointing towards a dedicated relay for the throttle body, but there are also a lot of diagrams to read, no doubt I could have missed something! Still a bit tripped out that I got +7V on the reference voltage wire... but I am going to put that thought to the side right now and keep looking for areas of concern.
  5. I am having a complex issue and have done a bit of testing up to this point. Basically when I start my car I have code P2101, at first I thought my throttle body (the actuators in it) were dead so I replaced my throttle body assembly, but to no avail. I did another test and started the car again, but this time unplugged the TPS while the car was running. Zero change at all. This leads me to believe faulty wiring to the connector. But when I first made this post I was thinking it could be a relay feeding the TPS causing a short or something similar. Upon measuring the reference voltage wire on the TPS connector I got +7V instead of +5V... very odd. Anyone have ideas? I do know that my accelerator pedal is working because when I plugged in my diagnostic program the sensor read the pedal change, and if I put the pedal to the floor the motor will accelerate slowly.
  6. Are there any relays for the electronic throttle body in the 2008 Outback 2.5i non turbo? Getting code P2101 even after replacing my throttle body assembly (which has the TPS fastened to it.)
  7. What is the suggested clutch kit for replacement? A brand new OEM kit or performance aftermarket? @ShawnW
  8. Looks to be a right hand drive version! Great find.
  9. Alright I got a bunch of parts that arrived! Intake manifold w/ SPFI throttle body, distributor, all necessary intake stuff, and MAF. All from a 1993 Loyale, quite a big year gap but we will see what happens.
  10. Subuhrue

    Leone Parts

    Yes they do! I think I paid $364 (?) for my pair of front CV axles. Went right in!
  11. Subuhrue

    Leone Parts

    CVJ Axles in Colorado will rebuild your OEM axles. They sent me OEM reman'd 1984 GL front axles earlier this year, great service! All through email.
  12. 1993 Legacy Wagon AWD Automatic 4EAT transmission Code P22 and the car will not shift properly. Owner says that it started having the shifting issues after he put on a spare tire and put the 15A FWD fuse in. Anyone know what this could be?