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1st time owner, was given a 94 Loyale Wagon.

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As the title says. I was making a house call at work (setting up a new printer in a home office) I made a comment about the cool looking car outside. Owner said I could have it title and all if I picked it up. 

85k Miles, 5 speed manual (that'll be fun to learn) engine turns over all I have to do is unclog the gas tank and it should run. Hoping to use it as a spare car and a sleeper for camping. Maybe i'll lift it a bit down the road as I learn more about working on that kind of think. Probably have load of questions as I work on it. 

4 Cars ago I started joining the forums relating to my cars.

1991 Silverado, 2001 Civic, 2006 Prius, and my current car a 2006 Benz C-280. Always enjoyed the online community and the help i've gotten to repair and keep up with my cars. 

Quick Edit: Anyone who has links to required reading about my engine, car, technical specs, wiring diagrams or ANYTHING else i should know about Subarus please let me know. This is my project car and what i'll be using to learn whatever i can about cars and how to repair and modify them. 

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The FSMs are free online, go find one   Any 90-94 loyaje will be basically the same  

That EA82 will run 300,000 mikes easy if it hasn’t been overheated or run low on oil.  

New timing kit - belts and pulleys (cheap and easy). Plugs wires cap and rotor. 

Ideally you replace cam seals cam cap oring crank seal and reseal the oil pump (shaft seal, oring and gasket) when you do the timing belt.  That stuff is all right in front of you and only an extra hour or two labor with the belts off. Those older seals weren’t as high quality as newer materials so they’re prone to lean with age.

its an archaic FI engine and gutless but use it for practical fun reliability and they’re great. 

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Once you've got the ea82 running sweet do some research on the EJ conversion. 

Or skip the sweet running ea82 bit...

i love my L series and have had it for over a decade now. It's "slightly modified" and can be dailyed if I need to. 

There are many mods for this model and the 80's forum is the place to check out. Reading member's build threads are also a good place for ideas ;)




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