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Gen 1 replacement fuse panels. PSA

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I have had to replace a few first gen fuse panels for customers, and wanted to let everyone know about this panel I found that is a perfect fit - the bolt holes line up with the factory glass fuse panel. You do need a weather-pack crimper for this panel. It accepts micro fuses. It is also fully water tight so no worries about windshield leaks destroying the panel. 


Anyone local to my shop - I am offering this upgrade for $300 parts and labor. 





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4 hours ago, Subasaurus said:

this is why most of the First Gens that haven't rotted through are just sitting parked with electrical issues, those connectors that hold the glass fuses corrode or something and make partial contact.

thanks for the link GD!

Yep - I've seen this same failure on every first gen I've ever worked on. It's basically a 100% failure rate unless you live in Arizona. 


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