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NateWW Checking in with a lifted SJ Forester

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Hi all, 

Thanks for having me, here's my POS: a '15 Forester, lifted 2.5" on 29's. (2inch Sumo kit and standard height King Springs). Full skids, RTT, recovery gear + a bunch of other crap in the trunk, ham radio, etc.

Not much stops the little thing except the CVT from time to time, (See video example here of a friends '17 XT: https://youtu.be/75caITaHrV0 ) and if there's a good taco or burger place on the way. I am doing research on a CVT Cooler, as I believe it would help my issue, but I'm not sure since I've decided to get rid of the car in the next year or two, no matter how upside down I go. 

I help admin a Facebook group called Offroading Subarus of Colorado, I try and take amateur photography sometimes, and like to help write FAQ's and learn more about things all the time.

Been wheeling for about 8 years, came from a built Ranger (Dana 44 front, 9 inch rear, 5.13's, dual lockers, dual t-cases, custom exo cage/bumpers/sliders/fuel cell, 8k winch, etc), so the Subaru has been quite the learning curve (Especially with the CVT's behavior as shown above!) the last few years. 






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Sounds like you went a little backwards from the Ranger to the Forester!  Welcome to the club!

My wife's '99 Forester is slated to become our beater/runabout, so it will probably be getting a similar treatment to yours!

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Welcome! I love those roof tents my friend had one for his bmw. His cost $2000 and not as nice as yours!

Your Forester is pretty neat, camping in the Rockies is best done in a Subaru. And you have the mandatory dog very nice.

I live in CO, I'll have to check out your group. I would love to see your pictures too, I have some "good" amateur photography of my old subarus around Colorado, my fave of my 86 gl at red feather lakes.

Do you guys go group wheeling? I love guenella pass and apex trail in Idaho springs and I ALMOST squeezed my gl to the top of johnstown to that glacial lake, but it's dirt bike only unless someone cuts a bunch of trees down lol! I still have two scars from hitting a tree on a dirt bike on that trail! Haha!

And get the cvt cooler and drive her like you stolded her even more! You can always take it off later and sell it if you don't get any more cvt cars!

Cheers man

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