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PCV interchange issues Newer block, older body (SOLVED)

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Body: '98 OBW

Current motor: EJ251 block, EJ25D heads (rings are letting oil be consumed, and there are sounds of the beginnings of rod-knock)

Newer motor: Reman EJ253/251 block, EJ25D heads. 


Hey folks. 

I bought a reman block form subaru. EJ253/251 block for a 2003 forester. Mating it with EJ25D heads to replace my current hybrid (EJ251 and EJ25D heads). Everything is just about ready to go except the PCV system. The newer block has what appears to be a threaded-in bung to accepted a threaded PCV. Being that the intake I'm using is for the heads, it already has a PCV. Has anyone put a newer block into an older system and routed the PCV system successfully? The old-style is just a pipe that comes out of the block, with the vinyl tubes coming off of it. They don't fit over the new interface. I'll try and get photos soon. 

Looking at pictures for the newer PCV, it doesn't look as if its outer diameter is the same inner diameter of the older crankcase hose that would be going up to the PCV on the intake. a

Thoughts and advice much appreciated.



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To complete this topic here is what I did: 

I grabbed a piece of High temp/Pressure Fuel line with an ID that matched the 2003 EJ253 PCV that threaded directly to the block. I put a hose clamp on it even though it was snug. I then Jammed that hose into the large J-bend hose that goes to the PCV in the DOHC Intake Manifold. I have over 3000 miles on this, and no change in hose integrity. We'll see what happens when North America thaws, and I'm back down in the desert. Thanks for all the help! 



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