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Need stiffer suspension on my 1991 Subaru Loyal


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I’m not sure if the stress I’ve been serviced and has  220,000k I would prefer flatter cornering I probably should get new struts too I don’t know if there was coils or anything that could make it stiffer Only time it’s heavily loaded is in the winter when it’s filled with ski gear

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I asked because, stock springs could have been stressed by overloading or severe duty - especially if struts are worn. Springs and struts somewhat 'support' each other and one can suffer if the other is worn.

KYB struts are greatly preferred.

as for springs, I think King and Rallitek as well as new OEM (affordable, if still available...) could be good choices. You could go lower if the car is on pavement so, check into rallitek.

Heavier rear sway bar may help with cornering, but my bet is new springs and struts will be a great improvement over the worn-out parts on the car now.

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I have had good luck buying struts from Amazon as well as RockAuto. They only springs I ever bought were SPT 'pinks' for my WRX from local dealer. I did have the local dealer match online dealer prices on some parts.

I have bought OEM from several online dealers but most recently from subaruonlineparts.com -  there MAY be some discount if you check here; https://www.subaruoutback.org/forums/subaruonlineparts-com.121/

if you plan to do 'spirited' driving, stickier tires are you best upgrade. Others may be able to recommend something for your area, just lean towards traction.


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