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Would you buy a new made gen one windshield gasket ? Looking at getting a batch made.

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New people, we have down this twice in the past. 

PRP says they’ll get back to me. This would be our third order of these same exact gaskets for you folks who haven’t been around the USMB for more than 10 years or so. 

Still have to hear what they say and also if they will stock the item as well. 

Thanks for replying with a number. I know I’m looking to have three. Two cars and one backup. 

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Recently received their reply. They’ll do a batch of 40 and the cost is right around $66 each maybe a buck less. That’s like $2600 plus for the order. Wouldn’t kill me or maybe the next guy but I’d like to see a good show of hands and even deposits before confirming. 

I have not replied yet. Also want to ask if there’s other parties also purchasing a lot. And if PRP is going also retain a lot. If we’re the only folks getting just 40 I’d be surprised. They’re not short of rubber in Thailand or help. Guessing they’re having around 100 or so produced and maybe splitting the lot , stocking some. But who knows. 40 seems like a weird number to be a solo batch. 

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I’ve basically dropped the ball on this for a while. 
PRP did finally get back after the initial quote with a reminder about time extension of the offer. So I’m guessing I’m past that limit.


My thought was that as long as I showed interest that PRP would then use AI or a program to investigate the potential of the market. I’d then assume that they’ve discovered the FB groups and likely ripped through motor vehicle records available.

Well at least that’s what I hope for. So they will then stock the item themselves. 

The tree I shook didn’t show a lot of (fellow) nuts on the ground. So I’d rather not make the effort at this time. 

Best of luck with all of your beloved gen one windshields.

I’ll be using my last one or maybe next to last one this spring. 

On a related note, as mentioned recently by another guy we should also all look out for weaknesses and cracked inside the rain gutters. I’m fairly sure that’s where my current problem is. Will try to post that separately when I have a minute. 

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