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EJ22 1993 legacy wagon

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Hey, I've been missing my 92 Legacy and there's a guy who has a 93 and it's the same engine and is selling it.  There's a couple of things wrong with it. 


The thermostat is open, so obviously that will need to be replaced ASAP. Or at least that's my thinking, if anyone else has ideas let me know. If it does need to be replaced, where's the best place to find parts and are there any good video or text tutorials for replacements on these? 


2) it's a manual and he's saying that his tranny is "sloppy," I don't know what the hell that means.  Advice? 


Anyways, he's selling it for $300 on marketplace. I don't need the car, but it'd be awesome to have a "new" subaru again. 

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1) It's two bolts and a hoseclamp to replace.  If you've changed an oil filter before it's not much more complicated than that.  Just look up any subaru thermostat replacement videos to get a general idea.  Aisin is the oem brand for subaru thermostats.  Just get those and be done with it.

2)  It should be ok as long as it doesn't grind gears when shifting. Probably the linkage bushing is worn out and the shifter is flopping around.  Look up subaru shift linkage replacement videos.

Though a thermostat doesn't usually get stuck open unless it overheated badly enough to cause this.  

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In one way it’s entirely with $300


But if you’re going to rely upon this car there may be a head gasket issue and the thermostat open may be their temporary solution.


FWD manuals I know get sloppy with wear on the main shaft. Some fold sleeve that shaft and keep going much longer. And the AWD version is about the same with the main shaft but also shifter seems to get sloppy faster than FWD. shifter bushings solve that. 

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