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I love my outback.

Yesterday I hauled a 13 cubic ft. upright freezer in the back of the wagon. I put the seats down and I bungee corded the hatch closed. If it would have been 6in shorter I could have closed the hatch. only about a half inch of clearance through the hatch entrance but once it came through, there was lots of room. :D

I wanted to take pics but camera was unavailable yesterday.


What has anyone else hauled In the subie that seemed more than it could handle?


whats the most people to ever fit in one? (like the old VW bug)

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In my old Loyale wagon;

-Hospital bed

-bedside comode


-Oxygen concentrator

-Over bed table

-6 small oxygen tanks

-1 large oxygen tank

--All in one load, all inside-- (both the company vans were broke down)


In my Legacy Sedan


-3 ea 2x12 - 12 foot

-3 ea 2x8 - 12 foot

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Just got back from the states 2 days ago, after an 18 day vacation. Hauled the 4 of us (600 lbs) and 7 pieces of luggage inside and on top (350 lbs).

Needless to say, with the 2.2, I was in 3rd gear alot...

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3 day camping/paintball escapade in a '90 loyale.


2 large coolers filled with ice, meats, veggies & dairy

4 of us

1 military surplus canvas pole tent ~ 12x20 ft

as much gear as we could stuff.


AND, there was no road or trail to our "campsite." hello winding up 4x4 in first gear.


note: paintball paint when not promptly removed, leaves a STAIN. After they fiinished with my white car, it looked like we'd hit a deer--- nasty stares driving home.


Legacy: y'all got me beat-- but...

2 keyboard PA speakers

1 keyboard in case

2 12U gig racks

1 saxaphone

2 crates of cable

miscellaneous recording gear

1 pole-type keyboard stand (collapsed)

1 box of mics and mic stands

cottonballs (for my ears)

1 roll of carpet 3x10

1 roll of rolaids (they wanted me to sing one and I was nervous)

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How about a 1999 Yamaha YZF 1000 R1 motorcycle, dissasembled on it's side in the back of a '87 GL 4x4 Wagon - from Seattle to Cedar Rapids. That was 5000 miles (round trip) in less than a week. The guy I bought the bike from told me I was nuts. I told him he was the nut - for driving a Ford.

After I got home I had to pull my buddies C-10 Chevy home after it broke down. It was only a mile, but the truck out wieghs the Soob two and a half times. That car was the greatest rusty piece of crap I ever owned.

My '96 Impreza 2.2 pulled a 2000 pound, 16ft. Bobcat trailer (empty). The car would still go 70mph in 5th gear, and performed well, but I would have liked some more brakes!

Both cars were 5 speeds, and the '87 was a dual-range.

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4 people 2 dogs9 about 750 pounds, and about 7 suit casses (150 pounds )in a 91 subaru legacy wagon, from seattle washington, to grand rapids michingan, 2400 miles each way. The dogs would lay ontop of the suit casses onin in the wagon/ back. The rear end of the car saged a decent amount, but it cruised at 80-85 mph the whole way. With no problems.

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My wife and I just got back from our baby shower with all the baby paraphernalia packed into our 98 Outback. We strapped the crib to the roof rack, but everything else fit inside, including a stroller, car seat, diaper this and diaper that, swing, bath tub thingy, more diapers, clothes, bottles, more shampoos and lotions than any baby should have, plus a 90 pound chocolate lab, myself and my pregnant wife. Drove 900 miles in 16.5 hours with the load.

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I've carried all the tech stuff for the play that I was touring with this summer in my 86 wagon, which included:


2 HUGE speakers

7 stage lights and portable stands

audio mixing board

CD players

light board

all the cords needed to control this stuff from 50 feet away

and some assorted props and costumes

Oh yeah, I also had all of my camping gear and clothes for the two week journey.


My brother claims to have had 14 people in an 87 wagon before.

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90 Legacy:


- 1 1.4 cu.ft mini-fridge

- 2 large 30 quart bins w/ assorted junk

- 1 27" TV

- 1 Full Tower computer

- 1 17" Viewsonic

- 2 LARGE Suitcases of clothing

- 1 laptop

- 1 office chair (old METAL)

- 4 6 ft Pine 4x4's

- 1 Laundry Hamper (obligatory dirty laundry for home) :-D


Now who says engineering majors CAN'T PACK! :brow:


ScoobySchmitty :burnout:

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96 Legacy Brighton wagon.

Once, a full size fridge + luggage and gear for two... and the rear hatch closed, but not an inch to spare.

On another occasion, a full size ceramic top stove. Still could close the hatch.

Finally 1,000 pounds of sheep manure... in sealed bags + two persons. :eek:

Rear suspension was a little low but still could go up long and steep hills fast in fourth.

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