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Greetings, found this site and decided to sign up. Looks like lotsa knowledge here. I am now a 3rd time sube owner. But this time is kinda special as it's my very first brand new car for myself. Usually my wife gets the new cars and I drive the S***boxes and hand-me downs. Anyhoo, for My 1st brand new car for myself I selected a 2005 OBS Sp. Edition, W/ 5 spd. Wifey has a '99 legacy 30th ann. edition. My new OBS is replacing my '93 loyale W/ 121K. My younger daughter will inherit the loyale this summer. I've also owned air cooled VW's in my teens, and I have a fully restored '70 VW bug vert, and a Sterling kit car based on a '70 VW pan. So you can see I'm not a sube nube, and I am a flat 4 fan. Looking forward to this board and I hereby welcome myself!

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Good to have you here!


You can't welcome yourself:rolleyes:


Check the bylaws but, I believe it has to be voted upon :confused:


If a two/thirds majority agrees then you'll be officially welcomed and get a free 2005 WRX Sti:banana:


However if it's less than a two/thirds majority then you get nothing but membership and questions answered :eek:


I voted yes!


82 SubaruHummer

01 Forester

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Welcome and congrats, but enjoy it while you can. Pecking order is:


Wife- newest car

Daughter- next newest so it looks good in the high school lot

You- you guessed it '93 Loyale

You want them to have air bags don't you?

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OK, pics will be coming soon. Once I can clean it! Ugh, snow, salt, sand.... But I'm loving it. It's the new color for 05: Metallic gray, & crystal silver. One gripe: There's no key/lock for the rear gate. I hafta use the electic locks. I posted over in old school about my 93 loyale's lock problem. I wonder if there's a way to add a key/lock, or maybe a cable activated opening mechanism like the sedans have for the trunk. Anyone ever do this?

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