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Finally found an Impreza for a reasonable price.

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I've been looking actively for about 6 weeks now. Not asking too much; just a 93 to 97, with a 5 speed manual, AWD, reasonable mileage, not white in color and under $5000 in price. I've had three slip out of my grasp since the new buyer with a ****eating grin was walking out of the car lot office with the keys as I was walking in. I was about to spend more than I wanted for a private sale when I checked autotrader.com one more time Sunday night and found this 4 miles from my home!!



I took the morning off from work today and was there 5 minutes before the dealer opened up at 10am. A quick test ride down to where my wife worked and then a return to the dealer to dicker and do paperwork. A ride downtown to the credit union and 20 minutes later I was on my way back with a check. Picked the car up this evening when my wife got off work. Car runs great, has 112K on the odo (agrees with the carfax I ran on it). It has a few warts but nothing a few lucky trips to PAP won't cure. Now all I've got to do is get rid of a few excess cars in my driveway. It's going to be a busy week.:) :) :) :) :):banana:

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Glad you got what you were looking for! Same happened here... screaming blue Mustang... went back to grab a salesman to test drive it... he pointed to a couple at another desk and said, "Sorry, they're signing papers on it." :(


Best of luck with it!

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