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Do KYB -G2 / coil handle better then an air suspension?

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I have a 91 Legacy LS wagon with a leaky air suspension. I was just going to replace the front struts (only one leaks but both have cracks in the bags) but the dealer quoted me $569.00 CDN per strut which put that idea on hold. My next thought was to follow the lead of people on the forum and replace the whole suspension with coils and KYB G-2 struts. However by the time you convert to Canadian dollars and add in shipping and duty etc it doesn't look like it's going to come out much cheaper.


So my question to anyone who has had both is which rides and handles better?


Before I commit to spending a big chunk of cash that I can't really afford I want to make sure I'd making the right choice.





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569 CDn is like $375 or some crap in us dollars, you can get KYB-GR2's for your car for like $70 U.S. each, not including shipping from tirerack.com, at least that is how much they are for my 98 legacy sedan, which isnt too different from your car suspension-wise. try it out, could be worth your time.







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The struts are $58 us each for a 92-94 Legacy on tirerack. The 90-91 struts are more expensive for some reason. The only difference is the spring perch on the front struts is a little higher, so if you get a set of springs for a 92-94 with the right struts, it will be cheaper. You might also need strut tops and upper spring perches and such. I think that the GR2s and whiteline control springs make a pretty good setup, and will definitely handle better than your air suspension.

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Nothing is ever as cheap as I first figure. I spent the weekend traveling around and pricing parts. It looks like it's going to cost around $2000 CDN to swap in a complete spring/ strut suspension.


This is what I found for each part... (prices are for one, CDN money)

Front strut - $150 average

rear strut - $250 average (Subaru was the cheapest at $224)

strut mount - $114 (OEM)

spring - $70 (OEM)

assorted - $60 (boots, seals etc)


Are there any Canadians out there who have order parts over the internet? How much were the duties? Were there any other charges?

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