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My wife's birthday is coming up, and I'm thinking of buying her a remote starter for her '03 H6 before the cold weather sets in (and believe me it gets COLD up here in Maine).


The car has a factory remote keyless entry/alarm system. Yes, it has an auto tranny.


Has anyone installed a remote starter on a recent vintage Legacy or Forester? If so, do you have any tips or are there any problems to be aware of?


Can anyone recommend any particular brand or features to look for?


Should I attempt the installation myself (I'm a novice at car wiring, but I am educable)? Or should I (dare I?) trust a car audio-type place to do the installation?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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You sound like you are up for the task to me Chip. I think if one is willing to try is a big factor in doing these things.


Sorry I can't give you any advice from past experience on an install for one of these as I have not done one as of yet. They are fairly easy to install I believe. I would purchase the factory wiring service manual if you do this so you will have a reference book to go by for the connections. You could also check with the dealer and see if they have any recommendations for a particlar brand of unit to install. One caution though is, installing this may effect the warranty of the car unless they do the work, so I would first check into that issue with the dealer before doing anything.

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I installed an Ungo RS151 in my OBW LTD the first winter I had it ('01, amazingly enough:brow: ). I picked this one because it is the same model the local dealer uses, and I bought it through them hoping for some little support. Nobody on-line seemed to have a wiring diagram available, and the install instructions were not car specific. When I asked the dealer to photo-copy the wiring diagram, he refered me to the local car stereo shop, where HE buys the starter from:banghead: and probably also has do the install.

The starter itself works fine, although I still have a quirk with the keyless entry (doesn't work on the new 4 button remote:boohoo: ) so I get to carry two remotes, and I have to remote unlock the doors before starting or just use the key to unlock if the remote starter is running, Given to do over again, I should have dropped the extra $150 to have someone do it.

BTW, I've been wrenching since about 7-8 years old (59 Triumph TR3, 63 Corvair, 66 Mustang, 69 Barracuda & Road Runner, 72 Chryslers, various VW Beetles, a Dasher, Scirocco and Jetta), but these were all a bit less wiring intensive.

Not that this should scare you away, I just wanted to tell you it was not an obvious upgrade. If someone now has the wiring diagram available, I would love to get a copy and maybe get everything to work on mine.

Good Luck however you go!! And by all means, Speed Safely :burnout:

David W, Penacook, NH

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My 02 OBW LTD was a dealer demo with the remote start and door lock feature. It has no identifying name as to manufacturer, but is definitely not a Subaru item, as it doesn't use the instrument panel security light, but has a separate one installed in the dash woodgrain. I find that I use the door lock feature all of the time and almost never the remote start. I have a real problem with the cost of fuel just going out the exhaust pipe without any forward motion. What I do find as a problem is that many times I have remotely started the car while the key chain holding the transmitter was in my pocket. Bending over to pet the dog, scrubbing the tires on the car, or leaning on the workbench with the keys in my pocket were the culprits. Coins or the keys folded back onto the remote starter would be all that was necessary to fire up the car. Since I know the unit will work from inside my house, I wonder how many times I've started the car up but wasn't aware that I had done so? (It shuts itself off after 15 minutes, or so I was told by the dealer.)

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