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Hitachi Carb rebuild ? Need input.

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Ok, my '82 has an EA-82 carbed engine. Thinking that the carb is the Hitachi 2-barrel, just going by the pics in the Haynes manual. Having problems now with getting it to idle, this just started to be a problem. Did a 30 mile round trip, no problem. Went to take oldest Son home, 1 1/2 mile trip, and she won't idle. Appears to be that the float is sticky. Looking down the bore, I can see drops of gas from the feed tubes. Would like to put a Weber on it, but lacking that kind of money right now. So, I'm thinking rebuild here. What info do I need to order a rebuild kit for this carb? Are there numbers on it, hidden somewhere I can't see? I have no info on what car this engine came out of, other than it was a wagon. I can get it to stay running, if I turn the idle speed up to 1200rpm's, don't like that, and I still have gas dripping from the feed tubes. Also, always has been a problem on a 1st gear wind-out. Starts wanting to cut-out and sputter when nearing 5-6000 rpm's. Runs in that Rpm range fine in other gears. I've even pegged the speedo, and was still climbing on the tach, with no engine problems. All ignition components are new, sans coil. All fuel filters are new also. I've put 3000 miles on her since the re-seal of the engine, (after initial purchase of car), and getting her road legal. Haven't checked my fuel mileage yet, thinking it's on the low side, as my exhaust tips are black, as in running rich. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the lenght of this.......

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I've never had much luck reading model numbers off the Hitatchi's. They are stamped on with ink, and wipe off along with the dirt when you try to clean the area off.


Since the engine (and intake) in your 82 is not the original, you are going to run into a lot of issues. I'm assuming that it must have ran well at some point, before your recent problems.


If I were you, I would have your carb rebuilt professionally. Two reasons: #1 Hitatchis are not easy to rebuild #2 It will be difficult to identify the exact model of your carb, so you may end up with the wrong rebuild kit, and adjustment specs.


The Webb would be a good alternative too, but doing a professional rebuild will be a little less expensive.


good luck, John

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You could maybe find a weber for a lot less than you think. Sure, new, with a complete 4cyl jet kit is going to be expensive (lets just say around $300)


You could go to a JY, and maybe get one for $50. Then order the subaru 4cyl jet kit from carbs.net for another $50, and the adapter plate for whatever, and you've probably not touched half the price of a new one.


this is probably what I will do later. My carb is starting to have problems. Gas mileage is going *way* down as time increases, and my carb is idling weird and sputtering. I've replaced many many things in the car and nothing has done much. I figure I can maybe tune a weber up to get better mileage than I'm getting now. (250mi per tank... I used to get 450 when I used plus at 8BTDC, and then it dropped to about 300, now I'm running 12BTDC and super and I get 250. If I got 350mi/tank I would be happy.)

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