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GL-10 dash-controls?

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Does anyone know offhand what goes in the popout panel to the left of the fan blower switch on a GL-10? My cover's been pried off, and it doesn't say in the owner manual. Any input is greatly appreciated.


(The car is an '87 4WD S/R Turbo 5spd.)





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Wagons, please see my post on my 87 dash



If you look at the middle picture in the position I think you are asking about, you will see a blue rocker switch and a chrome ring with a red center (It is a small push button)

I put these there, (blue switch controls the air conditioning, red button is for "Da Bomb")

This was (and on your car is) a blank - no switches fitted, atleast in the American cars I've seen

Our "recirculate" is the second detent on the "AC" button called "AC Max"

hope this helps

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The fan blower switch goes there! Just not on '87+. They were unused from the factory after that. Mine is the smaller switch and the larger one to the right is my wiper switch. I really prefer the '85-'86 setup with no combi switch on the steering column.



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