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Found in an obscure J/Y

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A fully functional GL1600 Third eye grill with a "steel front bumper/airtank tube" and 5speed 4wd tranny.


and for $150 four in good condition PUG 505 aluminum rims with a steel spare for a few dollars more. I wish I knew if the 505 is the right diameter on the bolt spacing that's why i asked them about the cost of the set. They had 3 of the 4 little caps in very good shape, i didn't hunt for the 4th but who knows.


Fount two other sorta good (front end accidents) wagons 83 and 84 models sorry forgot if they were 4wd or not.


Subaru3 --- I have a feeling you may not know of this place.

Okamiichiban does :>) and I think we may have told Calebz about this place.


As for a picture of the rims... I would link to the known catalogue of rims but I am mentall drawing a blank on who's folder they'd be hiding it for varification of valid rims.


and the digicam's battery's were recharging so maybe later I might wnder over there again... maybe not in a while too....who knows.

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the wheels page is still on http://www.ultimatesubaru.org

under soobs of the 80's....


all pug 505 wheels should be correct. just need to make sure that if they are 15" alloys are in fact 15" and not the dreaded 390mm wheels....


all 14" 505s should be fine...

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I forgot to mention they are all 14 inch rims. all tires had the 70/14 markings. :>)


and thanks for the link....


for some reason its one of the links i had misplaced when cleaning and reorganizied the favorites folders and stuff.


[edit because i forgot to post which wheel link]



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