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Brat Go Cart shells.

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FW was the manufacturer of the go karts... FunWheels I think... I found the brochure I have...


here's one from FW, but not a Brat, but it is "lifted" :banana:




I bet a Brat body would fit right on this..... (for those that just have a body....)


note the lic. plate number on mine


don't know what the FW means


I have a brand new Subaru (Robins) 8 HP

for mine but do not want to ruin the



Did anyone watch the video I linked to?

It was quite the hit at Carlisle that year.

I let lots of kids

take it for a spin.

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looking more at the one in the auction, the frame is narrowed in the rear for the wider tires.... could be a custom frame too...

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That is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. I want a brumby (brat) as a project car, and I wouldn't mind a go-kart too, for my kid. We could have matching toys! haha!

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