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thought I had it fixed(cooling related)

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I thought I had my problem fixed(88 gl wagon with 1.8 fi). I put in a new thermostat(it has a jiggle plug and I boiled it to check for it opening), a new radiator cap, and tighten the belt. I even went on an incline and got the air out of the system(I thought). When it idles it can sit there all day and not get hot. Start going down the road and it starts to warm up quickly sometimes it will go back down and some time it doesn't. My wife was driving it to work tonight and it hit the red(at least she pulled over and sat there for it to cool down before going again). She said when she finally got to work and shut it off she said she heard a clunk noise inside the car(have no idea what that is). I guess all thats left is the radiator or water pump. Do you think its one of those. I see that the car has two fans even if the electric fan is not working in this 15 to 20 degree wether it should be ok right.

Any ideas would be great.


Thanks, Joe

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I like the car but the body is pretty rusty!!! I just wish I had something else to drive right now my truck just gets to crappy of gas mileage.



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Yeah - gonna be hard to find a used radiator in your neck of the woods that isn't a rust ball - your choice is new, or get one of us west coasters to send you a used one - I might do it for say $20 over what it cost to get one + shipping, since they are pretty easy to pull, and I'm at the junk yards fairly frequently...



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