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Motorcyles, what are you riding?

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Well, the damage isn't that bad. Could be a lot worse for sure. The worst is the tank :-\ That sucks :( You gone for a ride yet? Glad it was an "easy" fix, all things considered!


yeah, the tank dent sucks. but its pretty small, i might fill it and mask off the area and make it a 2tone paint job on the tank... or put a usmb sticker on it. LOL.


i was really suprised to see how minimal the damage was, i attest it was because when the bike went down it didnt slide more than a few feet but came to a screeching halt.


i took it for a spin to try out the handlebars w/ the forward controls, it'll take a min to get used to the new hand position but i think it'll work out just fine and it doesnt feel awkward at all.


i did however bust off the bolt on the shift lever "pedal' when i was trying to twist it back. went to the store to find a bolt to screw in there temporarily but the bolt that matched the nub of the bolt i extracted didnt match the hole when i got home. so i cross threaded the screw in there so it wouldnt budge, the nice thing is the shift lever itself didnt get its threads messed up. LOL. one of these days i'll fix that. its not going to slip out at all so im not in too much of a hurry.


only thing left to do is try to tighten the left footpeg mount. it seems a little loose but i could technically ride it as is.

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Heres a pic of 2 1978 Yamaha Sr500s we are restoring. We also have another bike in storage and are going to pick up yet another one makeing it a total of 4 sr500s. My friend is restoring his but mine im makeing into a cafe racer type.picture.php?albumid=235&pictureid=2372


Cafe Racers are sweet! if i ever get to pick up another bike (cheap) im going the cafe route with it. unless its a BMW rs1100 or something. :):lol:

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