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mechanical questions--advice needed

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I was looking at the lake of oil covering my oil pan all the way back to the tranny. It seems to be coming from my oil pump on my 93 Loyale. It may also be coming from the oil pan itself, seeping from the gaskets a bit. What is entailed with a) replacing the oil pump, is it hard, what needs to come off? and B) same question re: the oil pan, it looks like all the p/s hoses run under the pan. After I take the skidplate off, is it a nightmare???:confused: :confused:

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Isn't tough, it just takes time.... and cleaning everything is 80% of the work.


Have you changed the timing belts before? Doing the oil pump and oil pan gasket are just part of this job. They add about 20 minutes to the T-belt job (plus cleaning....)


The secret I found to the oil pan bolts is to get a 1/4" flexible extension drive. Kind of looks like a snake. There's 4 or 5 bolts toward the rear that are tough to get, even with the extension, but all you'll suffer are a few cuss words. After you get the bolts off, to drop the oil pan you have to rotate it 180 degrees, slide it off the pickup tube, and rotate it some more to get it to drop off. Not hard, but don't get frustrated and pull it off with the the pickup tube.


Your oil pump might not need replacing, you can get a kit with new O-rings and shaft seal. Either way, you're not gonna do this without pulling the T-belts. So read up on changing the T-belts in any service manual.


Lots of questions about changing T-belts have been answered here, use the Search function for free hints.... :)


-- Mark

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Do you have a manual? Its alot easier than running back and forth to the computer. We do like to help, but if you are going to do any maintenace on your car, it really helps to have a manual.


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Buddy, all good info given here. I would just like to add, if I may so bold. The cars oil pressure sending unit is located next to the oil filter and is known to leak. Over the miles this leak can be deceiving.

I would recco that you clean the area and watch for where the oil leak is coming from.

There is quite a difference between replacing a sender unit and tearing the entire front (including T belt covers) off of the engine.

Although if you do attempt this tear down, which can be intimidating, you might as well change all the components listed when doing a T belt change. A simple search for "timing belt replacement" will yield this list.

Thanks for reading and good luck in your endeavor

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