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  1. 2006 Outback 2.5i is what I've got. Anybody know what the stock exhaust pipe diameter is? I'm attempting to locate flanges for my mufflers...with the idea to redo it all from axle back, but retain the ability to re-bolt my stock gear.
  2. RavenTBK

    Mouse STIouse))

    Bump for a simply bad rump roast mouse. Is it optical or have a ball?
  3. http://www.cvaxles.com ^^ Thats who I, and many other members in the old gen forum use. Check them out.
  4. This Saturday, I took the plunge. I purchased a "certified" 06 OBW from my local stealership, with 36k on the clock. This is my first foray into the new gen arena. So far, two days into it, I'm loving it. I plan on keeping it stock and in daily driver mode for awhile, with near future plans involving popping on a set of 15" steelies with some 27x850 baby swampers (as amazingly, they're the same overall diameter as the factory 225/55-17 alloys)... and shortly beyond that a BYB 4" lift kit. Although I think I'll hang out on the lift till after the powertrain warranty expires in abother 30k. heh Some quick pics of todays small excursion into the forest... some mini flex action on the biggest offset I could find without having to go off the trail and risk busting up the paint. http://random.removed.us/miniflex-rt.jpg http://random.removed.us/miniflex-lt.jpg I just hope you new gen guys are as helpful as us old gen folks always were to new recruits. And, hopefully, I wont run into any issues with this new wagon for quite some time that would require assistance. Cheers! .rTBK
  5. RavenTBK

    Bumpers offroad type

    What about EJs? Specifically, 06 Outbacks? I'm still kinda dreaming at this point, but WTH right?
  6. http://www.jbweld.com ^^ Thats what it is, and what it looks like. Oh, and duh. Just noticed the original poster is in *.NL. Doubtful they've got it over there, although I'm sure there is something comparable.
  7. I've got a JB Weld radiator repair from 6 years ago still holding good on my Bronco.
  8. As the title states... I'm strongly considering a seemingly screaming deal on a low mileage (<100k) 99OBW at a local dealership (a Honda/Acura place, not a fly by night used car joint). Considering that alone, I am sure they've done some basic looking over to make sure its a semi-decent car to sell, rather than ditch at the dealers auction (like my boss had me do back when I was in the business). I've gotta give them an answer tomorrow sometime.... Just curious from you NewGen OldTimers as to what I should look for/at with regards to inspecting the car? I am aware from my research that 99 2.5's had head gasket issues, and I have familiarized myself as to what to look for there.. but what else should I pay particular attention to?
  9. RavenTBK

    subaru in honda commercial

    Heh.. yeah.. looks like the Brat was pulling the mixer, and ended up pulling off his rear end/hitch/everything. Attached are stills if you're too lazy (or bandwidth limited) to view the video. Kinda amusing, considering if that happened, the bed would be curled up in the back too. I think it was a poke at Subaru as mentioned above.
  10. Nice. Its always easier to read when the signs slap the windshield like that, instead of getting mauled and stuck in the undercarriage like they always did with the Brat.
  11. RavenTBK

    conversions to LPG?

    I want to bump this up. Keep this discussion going, as it will be the only thing that keeps me from putting my Brat (brumby) up on the block. I know I can easily handle this, just not sure what parts I need to gather to hook it all up. I'm looking at this from a 100% LP conversion.. now I will keep all my petrol parts on the truck for whenever I decide to fix the carb, to make it into a bi-fuel setup later, but for now, its all LP or nothing. Specifically (part numbers) what was used in existing conversions? Mixer, regulator, style of bottle did you use? Photos? What mixer can bolt onto or between the universally known Weber 32/36? I'd like to retain the Weber as a throttle body, if nothing else for right now. I am planning on using what little money I have available to me to get this done to get the ute back on the road, as all my other "spare cars" are out to pasture. I also plan on taking many pictures of what I do to assist others.... like my large case 100A alternator swap... Possibly turning it into another USRM article. Feed me information! I am now officially accepting this as my personal cause...
  12. RavenTBK

    radiator sources?

    ^^^ Second that one. Got me a real nice purdy copper unit for the Brat from those people, for $200 cheaper than the local parts house.
  13. RavenTBK

    Man, my Subaru is heavy!

    Last time I threw the brat up on the logging scale it tipped 1890 with a 1/4 tank.
  14. RavenTBK

    I Jumped it

    Sweet! Las time I pimp slapped my Brat like that I broke the strut top hat and the top of the strut backed down from its mount and ended up in the wheel well. Memories... Just gotta get time and money to get that damn Weber tuned for the 9.5:1 CCR motor I've got under the bonnet... I miss my Brat.
  15. I know its been absolutely forever since I've posted, or even set foot in the forums. Crap has been interesting, and the Brat has been parked for, gasp, just short of two years now. I've now come back to a place in my life where I want to drive the ol dog again. The issue for it remaining parked all this time after the engine swap was the Weber. It simply didnt like the hi-po EA81 from CCR I guess. Wouldnt idle. Several disassemblies and cleanings later, still no juice, so she's sat till now. Now that I want to drive the bat again, I want to drive it, not screw with the carby. What other carby options are there for the EA81 that I could bolt down and drive away? (save the Weber, and stock flavors)