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  1. NinjaTech

    Anyone Drift A Wagon?

    Look up the Doomwagon
  2. NinjaTech

    Winter 2010-11

    took a break from drifting for a minute to get a couple pics.
  3. Yeah those look backwards not sure how you did the front one though.

  4. hey man, i put this on backward huh? it seems to me like if i flipped the blocks around and the strut tops were pointing inward, my wheels wouldnt be so \ / thanx, Rob



    oh btw, my bosses said they dont know where to get 3m tint. i would try fellers though.

  5. NinjaTech

    24hours of lemons

    This is true, but the last few races I was in no one got enough votes to get crushed. It's mostly you being a idiot and pissing people off that gets you voted for the crusher.
  6. NinjaTech

    24hours of lemons

    well if it's in august again I would go with something that can take running in the heat. With our festiva we put in a radiator that was twice as big and had the fan on constantly so it wouldn't overheat. We were running altamont and thunderhill though, I'm not familiar with the omaha track.
  7. NinjaTech

    24hours of lemons

    I would advise against anything with an EA motor. They can't handle racing conditions, you'll be blowing headgaskets and have no power. Also, what race are you aiming for?
  8. NinjaTech

    24hours of lemons

    Too bad I sold my old lemons Festiva to someone else. I've done 4 races so far. I've been fixing up my old GTI I bought back from a friend for $100. I'm hoping to do buttonwillow in december if I can get enough drivers and the cage done. With that said I would just go for a legacy since you said you want the awd and an EJ. It won't be as light as an EA car but it will be much easier for you. Just gut it as much as you can. A lot of weight can be saved from removing everything from the doors and just welding them shut. you will also have much better suspension and braking options for a legacy too. An Impreza would be the best but it's very hard to find one for under $500.
  9. NinjaTech

    Rear Springs....?

    which 80's accords? there were 3 generations during the 80's.
  10. Bummer about the BBQ but congrats on the job. I need to get one of those, it's been about 2 years for me as well. The new place hiring any more people?
  11. I have the rest of the week off. noon tomorrow works for me, hoe bout you? heres a link to a pic of the hood DSC01646.jpg

  12. If anyone going has some front axle stubs that wants to get rid of them or sell them for cheap let me know. I'm going to be taking my lift off and going rwd since I punctured one of my AT's and can't afford a new set.
  13. I should be able to come out for awhile. Depends if I go camping or not.
  14. NinjaTech

    Double rallycross weekend in August

    Oh I see now. The original post made it seem like the first half of the day was for AWD only and the second half was 2WD only. I might make it out. We'll see how my GL is running then.
  15. NinjaTech

    Double rallycross weekend in August

    How much does it cost? Also would I be able to do both sessions in my wagon if I put it in 2wd for that session and in 4wd for the awd session? chehalis is a much more reasonable drive than the ORG ones.