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  1. the window is definitely going to be the motor. 03 and up started using cheap motors (among tons of other cheap parts)...they fail all the time. I think you are better off to use the motor portion of a 99-02 forester they will last the life of the car.
  2. yeah i was more worried about the trans computers having an issue i think all the 99-2003 outbacks and 2000-2003 forester auto trans have a 4.44 final drive.
  3. You can also get all the japanese stuff you need from amazon at a fraction of the cost. Mitsuboshi timing belt, gmb or aisin waterpump. koyo or nsk idler pulleys and subaru oil seals. I would also replace the cheap squeeze clamps on the radiator with the earlier ones with a bolt that tightens them. if you need i can get you links.
  4. Hey crew, I have a customers 2002 forester S automatic trans. 260+K miles TZ1A3ZC2AA Its making a noise/ whine at higher speeds when you are accelerating. When you let off the gas it goes awat. to me it sounds like a bearing in the front diff. Anyways i am doing an engine swap and was going to swap the trans since its so easy to do with the engine out. I have a good trans from a 99 obw TZ1A2ZJEBA and a trans from a 2000 OBW TZ1A4ZCABA Both are phase 2, 8 bolt with spin on filters... I feel like i have done these swaps before and they worked fine.. Any thoughts?
  5. sorry for the delay the customer was out of town.. I turned the CEL light off and am waiting to see if the code and stalling are related. I havent inspected the exhaust but its not loud or making any exhaust leak noises.
  6. Hey y'all i have a new customer with a 2011 outback( 2.5 n/a engine). Customer is having issues with intermittent stalling ( car starts right back up ). Car also has a p2096 code that the customer says has been on for "awhile" I cleaned the throttle body as this is the main issue ive seen with the drive by wire engines stalling/running poorly. It wasnt that dirty compared to some that i've seen. Any thoughts as what to attack next?
  7. So the "new" battery fixed the issue. The newer drive by wire setups must be more sensitive to voltage/amperage drops. I took the battery out of the 06 and dropped it into my 02 forester S and havent had an issue. Thanks for the support and answers
  8. i have a can of start fluid in the car , jumper wires and a test light for the next time it acts up. Thanks
  9. Ill check this next time... my daily is a 5sp 2002S in. silver... its my favorite subaru so far.
  10. ill check the voltages the next time it does it. I cleaned all the pos and neg connections at the battery, starter and right next to the battery. It also has the 2 extra grounds that go from the body to the block ... they are in good shape. I dropped a 1 month old battery in from my 2002 forester to see if that changed it.. Its warmer ( 40 deg ) today but will drop next week.. will be interesting to see if its temp related. Thanks for all the support
  11. The car was in to have the worn out engine replaced it had been having the issue but i didnt want to start diagnosing until i had a fresh engine in and made sure all contacts were good.
  12. the starter is fine... it cranks fine but wont fire until you put a jumper pack on or battery charger. Then it fires right up
  13. once it starts youll need to drive it.. THis year subaru needs to "learn" how to properly run the engine after the battery has been disconnected.. same thing happens after you clear the check engine lights. They will run like crap for a short while then usually run fine after.
  14. Hey group been a minute since ive posted. I have a customers 06 LLbean forester 2.5 NA engine. Its having an issue where sometimes it will crank ( normal speed) but not start. The weird thing is If you put a jumper pack or charger on it it starts right up. I swapped in a different battery before i did the swap but that didnt seem to change anything It doesnt seem to matter how long the car has sat but temp might have an issue. I just put a 50-60k JDM engine in the car and had hoped that with the engine swap the start issue would go away. when we installed the engine yesterday it fired right up and then an hour or so later when i went to run an errand but today. Hope someone here has seen this and can shed some light on the issue. Thanks, Craig
  15. Hey guys, I picked up an 05 Forester XT with a blown 2.5 engine with the avcs set up. I know there is a JDM 2.0 turbo with avcs that will replace it but does anyone know about using a non avcs 2.0 turbo engine and doing some tune or delete trick so that the ECU insn't looking for the AVCS stuff. I would like to run the more reliable 2002-2003 wrx stuff. Thanks Craig