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  1. Hey guys, I picked up an 05 Forester XT with a blown 2.5 engine with the avcs set up. I know there is a JDM 2.0 turbo with avcs that will replace it but does anyone know about using a non avcs 2.0 turbo engine and doing some tune or delete trick so that the ECU insn't looking for the AVCS stuff. I would like to run the more reliable 2002-2003 wrx stuff. Thanks Craig
  2. the piston shape is the main way to tell. shoot us a pic of the pistons and im sure one of us can figure it out
  3. not very much. the engines were just installed. After they burp their air thats about a cup or so of anti freeze to top off.
  4. Hello i have a question that some of you might be able to answer. I have a couple customers 99 foresters that i just installed JDM 2.0 SOHC engines. After test driving them and getting them up to temp i noticed that the radiator hoses have a decent amount of pressure in them. You can still squeeze the hose but you cant squeeze it enough to get the sides of the hose to touch. On my 99 outback with a phase 1 2.2 i can drive it the same distance/temp and the hose has almost no pressure in it when warmed up. Ive never paid much attention to hose pressure unless there's an overheating issue. Just wondering what the difference might be
  5. The issue with the 2011 is that it jumped time and bent valves. Thanks
  6. I haven't gotten too far with this project but I already found one difference: The spark plug tubes are about an 1/8 shorter on the 2011 engine. When you go to bolt the valve covers down you are really squishing the spark plug tube seal against the valve cover. Ill take some pics once i get the 2011 engine out and see if there are other differences.
  7. Hello group, I have a friends 2011 outback with a N/A 2.5 that needs an engine. I have a low mileage 2008 JDM N/A 2.5 engine that i wondered would fit. The valve covers will need swapped so that the coil packs will have somewere to bolt. There is also the obvious peripherals like the intake that i will need to swap. Any help is appreciated, Craig
  8. you can test the ohms of resistance at the plugs. all the sensors should be real close to each other. The bad one probably wont have a reading . THe ringer is that they can be good but the part that sticks out can be bent or broken off and not giving the computer a signal
  9. It will be less trouble to get the right trans. You can get low mileage ones from the JDM outfits for 2-300. Or any junkyard they dont fail that often so you have good ods that youll get a good one .
  10. i have used the earlier DOHC 2.5 short blocks and their corresponding head gaskets. You can still buy these thru JDM importers.
  11. Really these engines are all junk from the get go. They have bad ring failures, AVLS sensor failures and the original crappy headgaskets that subaru has been putting on the engines since 99. They are over designed and under engineered. I see tons of these engines failing around 90K. After 05 subarus quality dropped off and the cars have tons of issues.
  12. i think you will find that your rear brakes are frozen up and your fronts arent fully engaging. Make sure that your pads move easily thru the brackets and that the pins slide freely. Usually the bottom pins are frozen
  13. Yeah you can take the wheel off and bang on the center part of the drum. this should help "release" the stuck brake. Put car back on ground and try and drive it. The flickering lights are on the dash it could be the alternator.. might clear up after its been driven a little