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    I love Subarus and have owned one my whole life and love modifying anything with an engine. I am a mechanic at Timberline Lodge ski resort.
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  1. subimonster

    AWD switch

    It acts like a front wheel drive car with lots of under steer until the wheels have done enough spinning then it will hammer the center diff into lock and then it acts like a proper awd subaru. I did find some info on the mod but the plug in the pictures he had didn't look like mine so I assume that is the difference in new versus old stuff. Never messed with the all wheel drive on this car in 11 plus years of owning it. I did swap a 98 outback trans and rear diff into it a long time ago due to my welded rear diff not liking street driving too much but I was told at the time that i would pick up some gearing with it to help with the bigger tires although i didn't believe that too much it was cheap and I needed a trans and rear diff so I did it anyway.
  2. subimonster

    AWD switch

    Hello good Subaru folk. I am curious if any of you have had luck hardwiring the awd on a mid 90's legacy? It is an automatic and to the best of my knowledge uses a clutch pack to lock the AWD when slippage happens and currently it doesn't seem like the AWD is working outside of that clutch locking up. Any other help is appreciated or wiring diagrams related to this system would also be nice.
  3. subimonster


    I know this will all seem stupid to thoes that live on this forum but i dont frequently get on here. i have searched through hours of forum pages reading argument after argument but i cant find a simple list of the best set ups for a good frankenmotor. it will end up in my 99 outback most likely which as of right now has a 2.5L gt motor out a 96 legacy i belive. I really just want to know what has worked best for power out of puttin possibly 2.2L heads on the 2.5L or maybe 1.8L heads on it (all or this will be ej series motors for reference). it will be driving up mt.hood daily and i want good relitivly cheap power out of this thing so i emplore thoes of greater knowledge then I for you help. Thanks kindly.
  4. subimonster

    Back with a New Ride!

    where are you located on mount hood? i also live on hood and have had a lifted 95 legacy for years and have been entertaining ideas of what to do with it as i am getting board with its current set up i did 6 years ago. I would like to look at your subi to get some ideas and see how thing are working for you.
  5. Not sure about the turbo tech thing i wasn't trying to put it there. And i wanted to do the build myself as i dont have the funds to buy a built one. and i enjoy engine building so it would be fun I think.
  6. I am starting work on my legacy again after three years now that my outback is running again. i know many of you guys have either built or had something to do with the building of a franken motor and i get the basic plan for the motor but i kinda want more. I was thinking the standard layout but possibly doing a 30 over bore with forged pistons, maybe deck the heads some, do a port and polish job, bigger cams ( thoughts on what type of cam would be greatly appreciated), and maybe an access port to do some custom engine mapping. Again not sure how well this set up will work with my plans for the car its self but i will defiantly be needing more power and i dont want to do an sti swap because i don't want to have to wait for the turbo to get my power. I am more of a muscle car guy so thought would help, Thanks.
  7. subimonster

    Front suspension mods

    Good point. Well it seems this will take some hard thinking. A good sjr lift will have to do for now.
  8. subimonster

    Front suspension mods

    That is what I am thinking. Kind of like a sand rail. The wheels would stick out with longer arms but the cops expect that where I live.
  9. I just leave them aired down in the winter because my car only goes from home to work and back then we drive my wifes car if we go anywhere different. It is a pain to air up and down when going to work at 4 in the morning when the road crews have not plowed much and i have to drive 6 miles up Timberline road in three feet of snow. I work early and leave late so I dont encounter too many high manuver situations and it has worked out this far.
  10. subimonster

    Front suspension mods

    Sick subi by the way Gloyale loved the wheelin videos of your car way to show what a subi can do!
  11. subimonster

    Front suspension mods

    I would say it isnt how much travel you need but more why not see how far we can push it? And could the Z car slide be welded into the center of a subi axle to make it slide more. Maybe a sort of multi link set up could be fashioned for the front as well, not as elaborate as the rear but something more flexy. Not putting down the fact that you have acheived way good flex for a subaru set up i am just always interested in designing something bigger and better is all. So take what you have and go further with it is all.
  12. subimonster

    Front suspension mods

    Interesting point. I have a friend the professionally builds trophy trucks, Baja trucks, and sand rails. Maybe I will run it past him and see if he can come up with a high travel design.
  13. subimonster

    Front suspension mods

    Sorry about spelling issues working off my phone since we have no computer right now.
  14. subimonster

    Front suspension mods

    I was wondering last night at least with the rear if anyone has tried cutting the rear axle shafts in half and welding in a slip joint in the center to give it insane travel in and out then you could fan up custom link arms possibly with heim joints? Maybe not sure. I have built plenty of jeeps, chevys, and what have you but I have not done much with the legacy. Kind of scared to mess up my driver but would love to design a high flex rear link set up for Subi owners.
  15. I have driven in snow many times since I work in the snow and 14 to 18 psi is my hi way pressure as well but the only other mud tide I have had is a tsl so it isn't a fair comparison between the two to be honest. Originally I had not planned on driving this car daily but circumstances changed so I needed a more road friendly tire which big horns do great. They wear great and even and are not loud at all but not my cup of tea for the conditions higher in the hills for snow. Maybe I will try those mud claws smackvt was talking about.