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    49 years old , Loves pickup trucks (especially the BRAT) married , 3 (adult) Kids , factory worker , Likes Country and Western music , Fairweather cyclist , Enjoys reading history... Could go on and on .....
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  1. Well a couple of weeks back I had a deal with fellow USMB forum member Giles (SCOOBYDOO) and swapped my much loved MV1800 (BRAT) for a Rare GLF Hatchback. The GLF is surprisingly complete but there are a couple of little "O" clips that hold the parcel shelf in that are broken. They are plastic and I think they would have been a common breaking point ? Do any USMB members maybe have a "Parts" GLF or is there anybody who might be able to supply me with them ? The GLF is fitted with Giles,s fibreglass wings (Fenders) see here.. http://z15.invisionfree.com/Mv_Brat_Brumby/index.php?showtopic=2145&st=0last Heres a few pics.... "MO"
  2. Sholing Uteman

    subaru brat 1985 restoration

    I am enjoying your thread, I imported one of those opening rear windows from the USA a few years back . Seems like they were an official Subaru item (made in California) see here.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/54046845@N07/7686114820/in/photolist-cHcma3-ed4W9C-dfimLn-dfio7N-dfikX8-cwFxP7-cwFmD5-dfijmk-dfikhp-bEiRrg-bHCbP8-bq9ghb-bsQGgJ-acMidv-acQ7uo-acQ72s-cWGy1N-cWGxTm-cWGymA-bFKyCe-dwWXS6-bFKyfK-cHczMU-dx3hY5-cHcoyY-cHcxtC-bHC73r-broVaU-d2Yeu3-d2YeB1-d2Yemy-d2Yexh-d2Yezw-d2YeDm-d2YerW-d2Yeqo-d2Yeom-d2Yevq-cHcvCs-d2YfmL-bFKyrM-dx3ihq-d2YfDm-cHcnNL-cHckmj-cwFtum-cwFr9W-cwFwgC-cwFvLf-cwFyVo-dzYhX8 and here.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/54046845@N07/6997077733/in/photolist-cHcma3-ed4W9C-dfimLn-dfio7N-dfikX8-cwFxP7-cwFmD5-dfijmk-dfikhp-bEiRrg-bHCbP8-bq9ghb-bsQGgJ-acMidv-acQ7uo-acQ72s-cWGy1N-cWGxTm-cWGymA-bFKyCe-dwWXS6-bFKyfK-cHczMU-dx3hY5-cHcoyY-cHcxtC-bHC73r-broVaU-d2Yeu3-d2YeB1-d2Yemy-d2Yexh-d2Yezw-d2YeDm-d2YerW-d2Yeqo-d2Yeom-d2Yevq-cHcvCs-d2YfmL-bFKyrM-dx3ihq-d2YfDm-cHcnNL-cHckmj-cwFtum-cwFr9W-cwFwgC-cwFvLf-cwFyVo-dzYhX8/ "MO"
  3. Sholing Uteman

    British MV (BRAT) meet at JAPFEST 2013

    I thought this forum was about Subaru,s? I come on here to read , enjoy and exchange info on Subaru,s, . If I wanted to read that sort of stuff I would join a manic depressive forum.... I am sure there is one out there if you care to search for it..... "MO"
  4. Well over the weekend a few of our internet based club (www.mvbrumbybrat.co.uk) members got together here in England at JAPFEST ( a large show dedicated to all Japanese vehicles, not enough old stuff for my liking , but good to get there anyhow) . Here is few photos I thought you may appreciate .. "MO" first a video....
  5. And if you are lucky enough to find that carpet... can you keep your eye open for the rubber version for me ? You see we wer'nt offered carpet over here and had the luxury of a rubber mat only... But I,d settle for a new one of those if ever its offered ! thanks "MO"
  6. Sholing Uteman

    Are BRATs Addictive ? I think so....

    Thats right they put the steering wheel on the other side for you guys HAHA because Japan drives the same as ( and Australia and New Zealand and etc etc ) You may drive on the right side but we drive on the correct side (only Joking bye the way ) As for extras you got that we never.... How bout Turbo , Twin sun roof , power steering , air conditioning , opening rear window , seats in the back , etc etc.... I think it may have been the market the truck was aimed at ? Here it was the Farmer/man on the land whereas there (I believe) it was the RV/ lifestyle crew. Heres a brochure of an early MK2 "Hookback" truck "MO" http://www.flickr.com/photos/54046845@N07/7567132296/
  7. Sholing Uteman

    Are BRATs Addictive ? I think so....

    This was our "BRAT" . As I said it was just a "pack" that was added after or at time of purchase. saying that... Most people (who know the truck at all, as many dont !) still call them collectivly "BRAT"s "MO" http://www.flickr.com/photos/54046845@N07/8357321865/
  8. Sholing Uteman

    Are BRATs Addictive ? I think so....

    Yeah we had a choice of interior colours over here , Grey or Grey Of course we had another choice too..... take it or leave it "MO"
  9. Surely thats a MK2 grill and tailgate handle ? Do you have the 2 chrome strips that run along the side of the MK1 under the door ? "MO"
  10. Sholing Uteman

    new owner of a 79 brat!

    Hey there, I too have just bought a 1980 MV1600 (BRAT to you) here in England . They are EXTREMELY rare here as most rusted away years ago . I am looking for a few bits as well. I need a plastic 4 wheel drive badge for the tailgate and both chrome strips that run along the sides under the door. You are more likely to find stuff over there , but if I can help ? just give me a shout "MO"
  11. Sholing Uteman

    "Hookback" BRATS , did you guys get em ?

    Also did you notice that there are no internal tie down rings on the internal sides of the bed. The "Finnish" longbed was made in Finland to get round a tax. Pickups had to have a bed that was a certain length and so they added about 20 inches to the length of the truck ! Strange but true. have a look here..... "MO" http://www.ooyyo.net/used-subaru-brat-for-sale/finland/c=CD5A2F7114D3854F111B806FBAD4355B8AAE1D6617F384/
  12. Here in the UK our early MK2 Subaru Pickups (BRATS) had a Hookback type arrangment. There are not many left of this type over here so recently I bought one as a "project". Its a 1984 with the straight across grill and early steering wheel. Being a farmers truck it has low mileage (36,000) but it has had a hard life and the tinworm has got to it too. Was a BRAT with this type of back sold in the US ? "MO"
  13. Sholing Uteman

    Are BRATs Addictive ? I think so....

    Great collection you have there SCOLE. Here in England we only ever got a Basic truck. There was a BRAT pack released but it just consisted of side stripes, Roobar, rollbar and rear tailight brush guards, Whereas in the US you got the lot ! Only thing I wasnt keen on was your Blue interiors LOL "MO"
  14. Sholing Uteman

    Are BRATs Addictive ? I think so....

    Thanks for the offer But I am a strictly "as Brochure" man. Not into modifications or alterations Each to their own I suppose. "MO"