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  1. Does anyone know what the dimensions of the crush washer are for the EJ22 manual transaxle? Is there an OEM part that I can order online for it? Is it the same size as the engine oil drain plug?
  2. I've been doing a CV axle replacement on my 98 Legacy... for the past 5 days Things haven't exactly gone to plan - from stubborn axle nuts to broken punches, it's been an interesting time. My latest issue came when inserting the new roll pin - I made sure the holes lined up as well as I could (even got a second pair of eyes to help me guide the axle onto the right spline), but the roll pin still stopped going in halfway through. So I got a 10 lb weight and used that as a hammer on my "Subaru axle pin removal tool" (purchased off Amazon, basically a fancy long punch). Well, the punch split open the roll pin and slid inside. So, in an attempt to get the damaged roll pin out, I spun the axle 180 and hammered from the other side - the same thing happened again, this time inside the axle - my punch is now lodged inside the roll pin, which is stuck in the axle, near impossible to get out. I I've tried using a small diameter rod to slide inside the roll pin and hammer out the punch, and I've attached vise grips to the handle of the punch and hammered up on them in an attempt to pull it out - neither has worked. This is a rough spot - I can't get the car towed because it is parked in a garage and the front axles won't turn with a 2 foot rod sticking out of the CV axle, maybe someone has input on this? Attached two pics, one shows the stuck punch, the other shows the roll pin from under the car and how it has spread apart.
  3. My 98 Legacy has a constant ringing noise coming from the engine, which becomes louder as the RPMs rise. I've attached a video of the noise at idle; I suspect it is from the pulleys, but I'd like a second opinion. is the video.
  4. Yeah, it almost shakes the car back and forth like a spring, and slowly dissapates. It happens when I release the clutch. Nothing much from the shifter, however I have noticed that at high RPMs the transmission makes a loud vibrating noise that can be felt through the shifter. I've been starting the car in 2nd for the past few days, and every other shift can be done perfectly smoothly with some degree of consistency. I'm wary of how this may affect the clutch and the engine as I can hear the car bogging down until I reach ~10mph.
  5. It did this on the test drive. Not sure what fluid is in the transmission as the previous owner did the service. The other gears are generally pretty easy to shift into smoothly (relative to the 1-2 shift), however as a whole it is not as smooth shifting as I would like it to be.
  6. I recently bought a 98 Legacy with the 5 speed manual. Every time I shift into 2nd, the whole car shakes. I've tried to smooth out my clutch release between 1st and 2nd, taking an extra long time to avoid the bucking, but this is extremely inconvenient on public roads, as the delay allows the car to slow down too much during the shift and I get honked at by some drivers. Is this just the way the transmission is, or is there an issue with my car?
  7. I just bought a used 1998 Legacy 2.2 5spd MT with ~169,000 miles on it. I'm looking for replacement knock and downstream O2 sensors for it. For the O2 Sensor, I am looking at the Bosch 15726. Is this a good sensor or should I go with the more expensive OEM part? For the knock sensor, I have not yet found a suitable part. Are there any non-OE parts or should I stick with OEM?