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  1. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    so as i neded up having just now main error cyl 2 missfire comes up now everytime. changed plugs to new NGK iridium ones changed that cyl coil couple times allready to used on but good from running car. nothing changing intake leaks? vacum bad. catalyst clogged , fuel not coming enough ? not sure , but some raw data from troque app maybe would help find some bad stuff.. well strange how that STFT1 values jumping so much from negative to zero and such.. thats just driving around with error on board. then i tried to remove that resonator maybe its clogged and reseted error codes. while driving very loud without resonator errors didint came up. but that was for short time only so it doesnt saying much i guess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMeyZy_QFZ4&list=UURpccqpuVAYzXFgVqVxKYCQ&index=1 and thats how it shows vacum while driving
  2. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    muffler delete. about 20 min job just cutting it just before it goes to split into two. so will be easy job later to connect it back when needed. and now it sound much better, and not too loud at all.
  3. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    wonder who can make that sound clicking like metal for sure, but from what ?
  4. scalman

    Ready to go for the lift...I think so.

    isn it that forester struts 03-04 just bolt on on those legacys ? so nothing else needed. maybe some extra spacer on top struts if you need more lift.
  5. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    and VDC still works great with 7cm lift, cv axles doesnt bind or anything there on maxed flex
  6. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    so mazdas adjustable link is too short for subaru. and trick that was working on 2001 outback for rear to put shorter cv axles and with that to have more travel down is not working on this model too, all real suspension stayed the same from previous models yes, but cv that goes into wheels changed they now have ring for ABS sensor and not teath like it was on older ones. and that new cv now has different kind of connection that wont fit from older model too. so now way to put shorter axle from older models. for that i needed to buy actual axles to try and see that they wont work. so what could be done then ? well if all links in rear all 3 i mean would be longer like 1-3cm longer then cv axle would have more space to move there and wheel could drop more , but that top link im nto sure what you can do to adjust that, just to adjust holes themselfs that it goes into. you cannot do much with that link there sadly only if make bump stop rubber on some other place not on link itself . and those adjustable bushings that are made to adjust some its not enough there, not for my situation at least. but im still will keep trying to find some solution that its easy and its not modifying a lot subframe as later i will need to put back all oem parts and pass MOT so why go to so much trouble , well i like it , to solve problems or at least try to solve something and find solutions, which i did at least for wheel alignment after 7cm lift on spacers. not camber just alignment for now. front camber is almost ok too, and rear camber cant be changed so much i think . 7cm spacers on rear one thing that is bad there , they should not be straight spacers anymore, because that strut now going more back and its not meeting bottom mounting place , i need to push that strut to cars front just to atach it now at bottom, so if spacer would be on angle that would help that strut i think. but for now it is what it is. so whats for rear alignment, well to put rear wheel on same line as front wheels that adjustable link must have even more adjustment there, so i made it and now its working fine. so thats how much in rear strut still need to be compressed because wheel doesnt drop anymore with all those links connected there, and cv axle hits its limits too so everytime i need to like do something in rear on links , first i need to dissconect that rear strut, and then put it back i need to compress it that much just to reach that hole. its pain. i did solved this problem on 2001 by puting shorter cv axle in rear , but not here anymore it doesnt fit. so what i have now is this. 7cm lift on spacers only. 12' under rear diff , front is less , but reaches 30cm still, rear is like 33cm. its good height now for my own height, comfy to do something in trunk , comfy to get in car and out. good height. and wheels still flexing there, im surprised that rear wheel with all that 7cm lift on spacer , that wheel still going inside there, i was thinking it wouldnt anymore . and nice surprise that front sway bar still can be connected there and wheel still flexing there with it. it wouldnt work same on 2001 , thats why i removed sway bar on that one, but on this one somehow its fine, and that front suspension reaches its limits as cv axles almost reaches that control arm. so nowhere more to go there so thats it , limit in front for how much you could push on strut there. and i dont even need more.
  7. i put 7cm spacers in front and rear there. first i did 5cm which is pretty normal but i thought what if go more. but rear dont like it very much, its not drops as much as strut could because cv axle goes to its limits. i could change lower links to shorter or longer sure but that top link is bump stop as well so you cant just change it to tube link or adjustable link. and that is problems there. forester or imprezas older ones just dont have those problems there. and if you just make lower links longer or shorter you will have bad camber on wheel. lateral links not just short they come on angle too they change angle and twists as you want for them to travel more then original.
  8. man those old foresters have so good links in rear. not like those putback there omg. could you give me some advice as i went to 7cm lift spacers just for struts. fronis fine but rear is same as that your newer outback that you have, did you found a way to make it work better. i mean those outbacks have top link that is bump stope with rubber , so we cant make it longer or anything . ? shame. foresters have there easy life as they have same lenght links and we have some kind of wow factor there. i mean whats going on in rear of those outbacks ? i still wanna drive on my 7cm lift just on struts and will see what happens. rear wheels are on positive camber though now because top link cannot be changed i think
  9. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    trying to figure out still how to align that rear wheel as those 3 links there making so much changes in angles and pulls as they move, now i lifted it another 2cm to 7cm and rear wheels went to positive camber , but both sides are not same, somehow passenger side in rear its way more positive camber then driver side. what could it be , old bushings somewhere, maybe main arm bushing. i just changed bottom adjustment links bushings there and all other bushings are old so not sure in what state they are there, but could they make so much difference in wheel camber . ?? so now because top link stays same as we cannot just change it as it is bump stop as well, and because with lift now rear wheels started to go even more on positive camber, and then cv axle doesnt let it drop all the way down because it reaces its limits, its too long. so just make longer lower links doesnt work there and makes that camber even worse so i need make them shorter to make camber back good again, or somehow make top link longer or adjusted. but i cannot make lower links shorter because then cv axle wont have any room at all. in perfect world i would need all 3 links longer and adjustable there , so i could push that arm outside , and like a lot outside , maybe some 2-3 cm outside more then it is now, just then that cv axle would work again normaly. i think top link would need to be that much longer to make all back to normal there but thats not possible without too much modification and i want to solve all just by custom or adjustable links. found that mazda 6 have lower link adjustable similar to my lower link there so front reached its limits on stock parts with 7cm lift and rear is just some mess that moves up and down in weird ways changes angles , twists bushings , why they couldnt make it more like forester ? simple straigh links , 2 links same lenght and its fine , but now they needed to make all those angles here so when rear wheel drops down it turns too to back it forced to turn and twist there. its so easy to lift forester in rear compare to this haha. but ok i duno if anyone did 7cm lift just on struts on those models, its fun to me to see how all works and what works and what doesnt there.
  10. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    because 5cm lift is not enough, lets try 7cm just on struts spacers no other spacers anywhere
  11. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    measured 5cm lift but axles looks like they dont have any angle at all still. what could be done in front if remove bumper or cut it or make something custom. some fun in soft sand, if wheels spinning too much instantly it digs down making track harder and harder everytime. in the end i dig so much there that couldnt go up anymore, and when i started there it was easy to go up there 2 wheels in air VDC still gave me enough torque so i could drive up
  12. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    quarantine or not im doing some new stuff and finishing with my rear recovery point and extra hilift jack point just in case. so its still my daily driver shoping wagon camping wagon , but now its proper ready to be recovered or recover someone else.
  13. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    making myself rear custom recovery point and tow bar point for trailer etc and that roof rack looks good too
  14. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    roof rack from 2001 getting adapted to 2005 , lifted enough so sun roof would open fully too
  15. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    another good VDC test up hill on mud with winter used tires not aired down on full 2.4bar . when to use TC when not use and when use fixed gears and not D , because D will change gears and how i got stuck later in other field and how tried to got out with hi lift but in the end all i needed was small pull with snatch rope. just i used long on with extra straps so in all i got some 20m of rope and small renault scenic car just gave me some pull and i was free and good wash in the end