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  1. my speedo shows correct numbers even with 225/65 r17 but those wont fit without lift and some plastic cut. if i would find some good rubber i would then think what to do to fit them, as those tires dont come in all sizes in most cases . so you need to pick other size or do lift or smt. just check tire size comparison and then you will know . why guessing ? narrow tires are good for everything rly. just dpends what you going for there ... looks or more sidewall then you could go lower psi but car would handle more rubberish as you would have more higher tire so it would move more to sides ...
  2. snow is just best time for subarus... specially later ones with VDC not much flex thats why you need something there to compensate that and keep those axles in one peace
  3. depends in where. they one of the cheapest sure. but low range is still low range , noone can touch it rly.
  4. 7cm without subframe drop is not good for offroad means for articulation its too much, so get back to 5cm , but then i tried something in rear without changing too much. so i did rear subframe drop another 1,2cm all with oem bolts so i changed nothing just put some spacers only , so i gained space in wheel arches plus with that i put back rear 7cm lift. so its 8cm in all in rear now. and cv axles now happy they not compressed too much so 5cm vs 8cm in rear 5cm still in front
  5. when lifting it on struts more then 5cm in rear began problem with axles, i just put there older gen 2001 pbk cv with shorter axles from older like imprezas foresters maybe legacys , nots sure but those older sure are shorter axles . i destroyed rear diff last time when i pushed 7cm lift on that in rear. so now i thought lets try shorter ones thats i used on my 2001 obk. and looks how much they changed . and really newer obk axles with cv's are lighter then older ones obk axles are not shorter so i used obk CV and older impreza forester axles there with same diff cv but different wheel cv so i needed to make my own shorter ones. and result they are shorter and with that let me drop rear to 7cm lifts spacers just on struts. or find longer rear struts, which bmw has , bmw rear struts are like 10 cm longer and they fit, just 10 cm is like too much, and front struts on BR obk are like 8cm longer so in front you can lift front like without any spacer just with longer obk strut, just need to cut maybe spring 1cm or smt. but for rear you need drop subframe , but you can get same looking bmw rear strut thats is 10 cm longer. i means there you go long travel for cheap
  6. scalman

    poormans sxs

    i love those place where you can just exist alone there ... mostly... nice man , i wish i could have all that open area just for me .. some ppl would hate it ... i love it
  7. scalman

    poormans sxs

    that looks insane .. cool. do you like live there ? like its your yard lol ? cool . noone can tell you to not do it there... noone around lol
  8. why you did lift and then went for largest rim ? well you gonna have more problems to find right tires for that size for sure. i think yoou could fit there with lift 235/75r15 so thats means you can fit there 225/65r17 . that was i was using at leats on 17 size there and then went to 15
  9. spacers for rear that i needed to do long time ago but did just now, with some my own modifications that i didint saw others would do because those spacers now that lower link doesnt fit anymore, so i saw that most just use then subframe spacers and drop all down then all fits fine.. but i mean its just small link and very simple made, so i redone it for my angle and then front bumper cut and now i need to redone relocate front hi lift jack points recovery points with that cut bumper now with 3 points in front, one extra in middle to lift all front in one move
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