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  1. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    got back there and done all that till end how VDC does when going over ruts changing them when 2 wheels in air
  2. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffZcmgLHRn8&list=UURpccqpuVAYzXFgVqVxKYCQ&index=1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWEuLcgzidk&list=UURpccqpuVAYzXFgVqVxKYCQ&index=2
  3. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    first removed wheel spacers because rear tire doesnt fit into arch with full flex , so i thought maybe i could do without spacers , but no because then rear tire goes into spring when its gets into air , so thats not working, put spacers back again and bended some of rear fender metal side that was kinda sticking there and even cut tire some when it was flexing and going into arch , so hopefully now that will fit without damage to tire or fenders in rear those rear extra reverse led lights works just amazing its not off road rear lights level but its much better now to going in dark in forests between trees and such places, i can see now there when reversing VDC working great with TC off, just goes tried to fix my LPG injectors. they not so complicated , looked for info and now they work better on LPG car goes better
  4. good info thanks. yeah i maybe had one bad coil there, and coils i thinks are same on all H6 engines there. what about air filter what you did with that to protect so you could pass deeper waters , or what you would do to it ? dont remembr maybe you talked about it here too , if so i will look for it .
  5. Cool stuff. Bit by bit soon youll have it in full excosceleton. With your h6 engine how you protected it from water splashes and such from bottom as those ignition coils are so low. How you sealed air box, or made new one? What most parts there that could be affected damaged by water in your opinion? I got cilinder misfirer after crossing deeper mud waters ,, so i changed that one coil , but how to protect those parts from water as they so low there.
  6. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    new style front cv axles , different cv and inside stuff too, think mine is bad and i will change it as i got vibrations while accelerating in last weeks or so , thats after that subaru club mud trip where i give it more revs and got more water too before that was enjoying sea views
  7. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    It supose to be snow but ohh well me and some local forester club enjoying some mud in forests me on used snow tires it was ok still My car now so big that normal forester compare to me looking small
  8. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    so slowly its getting ready for more off road tracks . first made front recovery points and hilift jack points , and they jusy bolt on. nothing welded to car. veery pleased how it all was done and i think it will be very strong. pull of lift
  9. nice. so stock forester still had fun with you, and its stock. means you dont need to go full baja to have fun on tracks do you ?
  10. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    tried largest wheel that this gen can take , 28.5' size. without some midification you counldnt turn front wheels , but with some cuting and hammering it works now its on 225/65R17
  11. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    so 1.1.2020 , year started great. still no mud no wet or snow, but still great start
  12. looks good and strong. its good knowledge too for like other car who would want to use long travels so you can make those parts that cracks most on your cars as put extra layers of metal there from begining and make those parts stronger , would be good idea is it ? prevent that from cracking . i remember for some old cars they had like rally kits with some extra metal parts that needed be welded on car so it can take part of rally racing . something like that should be done from beginning on non rusty car so it would hold for longer dont you think ? maybe i missed some parts on your build , when you put long travel suspension , so for it to have that long travel up and down you needed to change those bushings didnt you ? because oem bushings wont let those links move much up and down ?
  13. scalman

    The Unofficial "How to Lift your Impreza" Thread

    i think forester struts all ready lifted you about 2 inches, so its not good to do more just on struts, so yes more then 2-3'' lift then you do on subframe and other parts , and still real diff lift stays on 2'' . do you really need more ?