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  1. scalman

    05' Outback 3.0 VDC

    with all those cheap led lights nowadays , those where like 10-25 euros and have led ring for like DRL and then full beam combine spread and spot. just 30w but they pretty small so could fit under grill even make it like hidden ones
  2. scalman

    05' Outback 3.0 VDC

    went to some hardcore MT tires on some cool 15 rims that i painted myself in white is it hardcore off roader now ? well no as my gearbox went to limp mode because of direct clutch solenoid went stuck or smt wrong with it
  3. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    so now its almost off road ready car with proper MT tires, at least i can fit 15 rims there so more choice for tires on those rims. just my gearbox save some solenoid problems still but i will try fix that change solenoid soon and then test maybe more was even thinking can i put some manual dual range with this engine, from same year manual models that have dual range , but i dont think my ECU would work with that so then more modifications and maybe even reflashing ECU must be done that this engine would work with manual loose all VDC stuff then .. hope my 5EAT can be fixed still there hi lift jack works fine as before ... but now i put back those black winter tires because those MT are too loud to drive daily did some more grinding on brake calipers but it was allmost no needed rly i still think this gearbox can be really good if it will work ok , with proper MT tires aired down it could drive pretty good. and most foresters here dont do more then 5cm lift so i have pretty good clearance too there. still driving with my 7cm spacers lift without any other spacers, just made longer rear bottom link to make wheels about right camber . all other just standard.
  4. scalman

    Ej22 l series vs 2005ish h6 outback off road

    just driving on sand H6 outback wont have any problems. air down and drive. depends what sand it is. i drove on sand with wither tires without any problem. autos are better on longer trip off road i would think . your manual clutch can cook fast there.
  5. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    no its not better really car feels much better and drives better even with getting all those missfire erorrors, its getting worse after i deleting errors rly ... i kinda drives then in limp mode ... not good launch no good nothing ... and lots more errros now for me like gear box solenoid D erros thats it direct clutch solenoid .. .so guess gearbox can make all car just being slug too. changed oil in gearbox still that solenoid error but now not so fast as before... trying some MT used tires and 15 rims size ... i know its not fit on those models but with 25,, wheel spacers its allmost good fit .. just need little grind there . its 235/75R15 it still too close to brake calippers i guess but for today thats all.. will try to grind it next day and see how it will go ... its shame my gearbox wont let me try those wheels properly it goes into that limp mode now again after 2 days. i mean i drain some oil from gearbox then it lwt me drive for like 2 days and then it goes again into that limp mode where i cannot drive normal. still i use car as i need it ... but feels just bad to do it torture it . but then when it lets me drive normal it launches like champ there ... for 1-2 days though not more . that weird , why oil drain from gearbox then fixes that direct clutch solenoid error for couple days . then it goes again to error.
  6. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    that sounds changes when i switch between gears like from P to R to N and to D it makes different sound as i switch between them, and then when that ABS light comes up and solenoid D error i can feel kick in gearbox to wheels and with that error on car drives very slow and just bad. so that must be same problem then i guess sound and errors
  7. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    my louder exhaust option tested , sounds so cool from outside. inside good too
  8. scalman

    outback 2005 , 3.0 VDC 180kw project

    what could make this sound ? its loudest when i turn engine off. not there when i drive, all gears works as before fine, gearbox oil good level and good color. so whats that?
  9. Yh those abs rings removable so if everything else fits lenght and splines then all good. I just never tried to remove them those rings.
  10. Front outback 2nd gen cv's have those teeths too.at least mine had and whem i was buying front oem used ones from scrapyard they never gave me forester ones just legacys older years. Thats 2001 outback front axle with teeths next is 2005 without and longer If foresters have those teeths then good if not can change that outer cv if lenght same
  11. scalman

    05' Outback 3.0 VDC

    what if rims would be black and roof rack
  12. they should just come with lift kit. if not you need there trailing arm spacers for rear. they look something like this or other style but they should lift that trailing arm can be 3 separate ones or one from aluminum or from steel like in pic.
  13. not sure which ones you have there. but older impreza, fory , legacy ones are shorter and newer years are longer as cars became wider so cv axles longer , so you need to look older models like first gen foresters , imprezas , legacys. i remember measured mine previous 2001 outback rear axle and older impreza , legacy ones and those where like 1-2cm shorter because i needed shorter ones. and 2005 outback rear cv axles are some 1-2cm longer again from 2001 model. hope that helps to look for those. how i did i removed my rear cv axle and i went to subarus scrapyard and searched for same style but shorter axles.
  14. yes if rear axle too short then it will pop out. some models have longer ones ,some shorter by1-2cm, so look for longer axles then .
  15. in rear you kinda need them but some seeling lift kits this high without them as well. i used just strut spacers. but it makes your rear strut on wierd angle , mine still was holding fine for couple years at least until i had car.