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  1. Thats how you learn that you doing something wrong with car pushing it too hard or its just too week for those kinda tracks and speeds.
  2. it is amazing what you can do with car with some welding skills. or even to learn it from zero and evolve with time. its so satisfying to weld something and see result ... i just love it . and look at others welding skills its always great. im still learning.
  3. scalman

    '01 outback VDC, adventurer build

    yh i just love to work on car. looking to other cars other ideas and making some of my own. mostly i do test my car on areas around me and if something going wrong or braking or touching or i think of something that could be modified , then i do that. but all must be in level of as much stock look as possible. still have more ideas in my head more welding projects more stuff to do. i cant imagine when i will have no more to do on this car what else i will do... change car maybe. as many saying just take less rusty car. yh that would be nice ... but for now i will make use of it as long as it would wanna going for me. it such reliable car with problematic but extremely reliable engine. it was running on low oil , low coolant for some times and nothing happened. it still drives good .
  4. aha .. my car is not only one here with bad rust ... lol jk. its good you did fixed it .. for how long thats another question. but when we love our cars we like to fix them as well. and if you could fix those thats makes me feel better to try to fix some of mines that left too. and nothing to loose there too. you not gonna make it worse just better . so its allways up
  5. i would add sheet there from both sides. less mud, grass , gravel and all other bad stuff that will pack there and stay until you remove that all from there. but that tube from water pump i would cover for sure. but maybe you drive more on dry surface not sure... from your earlier videos i see you just going non stop hehe.
  6. looks good but it should take away some ground clearance from you is it ? thought its not a problem if you will have a lot of that. but what if you driving not fast and you catch stone and its slyding on that front extra tube and after that its empty space where you coolant tube is going, what if you drop on that place on something hard ? like its exposed so much
  7. looks great. is there reason you making them so strong , like in the worse case ? they heavy too arent they ?
  8. but as you said they not good used on loops as they can brake yes ? but on chackles they could be ok yes ? so they would work if like you stuck in mud and some 4wd car want to recover you ? they strong enough ?
  9. ohh interesting never heard of those straps... mostly here we just use kinetic strap or rope for recovery ... so we need like loops and shackles for those.
  10. cool. i saw you welded plate on .. and made hole for oil change ... i thought like what if make those plates on bolts.. like 4 bolts in corners... if its got dent or something you can then change it or remove.. but maybe thats not needed. and i see why you need such strong protection for those high speeds that you do there its crazy. and you could made recovery holes when you did that radiator support tube on sides could be longer plates with holes , that could be fine recovery points.
  11. looks great. very neet. so you want to cover all that area with some plates ? what about recovery points in front ? i dont see any there , you could just do them where originals where , or you will make steel bumper and they will be there ? and what diameter tubes you used there ? and why not round tubes or corners ? do those like best for strenght ? thanks .
  12. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    another VDC in sand test . was going on 1st gear fixed , its kinda goes better then just on D. maybe locks something better or smt. at one point i tried VDC off and as seen in video car just digs itself down wont move anywhere. and even from that whole it goes out with VDC on. https://youtu.be/DA6b9Yqj-JQ
  13. i allways had one thought like what if you catch on something smaller between those tubes , like even not that small stone could fit there in those gaps. isnt that a problem or at least some danger ?
  14. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    no recoverys this time just great autumn forest views