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  1. Thats great. So that shorter stock link would limit that travel thats why you made it longer? Can we like use just longer link there from other cars foresters maybe? And will it give something to stock shocks car just lifted? And so thats all you need to do with rear suspension to make it longer travel? Looks so cool with those monster wheels.
  2. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    yes VDC sometimes just cuts engine power down and car dont go as you want so when wheels dont lift up maybe i could use better VDC off and have all engine power for use. sad thing that where i live i dont have anyone else here to drive with to test with so doing it alone. best thing is to drive with someone and compare your car to someone else and see where your car is not good maybe. i was wondering ppl say there is 2'' max lift for outback 2nd gen ad they say its because CV axles angles and such ... but i took pic of my car under and i see that my axles like almost straight there. so can i do more lift there ? or i will hit some other problem that something else will meet it max flex ? at least in rear cv axles straight so why no lift more ?
  3. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    2 wheels in air . no prob for VDC there. with it off those 2 that in air just spin and nothing happening. turn VDC on and it goes so no matter how big how cool 4wd car you have if open diffs you wont go anywhere from that kind of situation.
  4. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    testing VDC on snow up hill doing it as hard as possible for VDC to figure out . was interesting for myself to see it from side how it does it and when .
  5. cool videos. so forester have same shocks as you or different kind made for him ?
  6. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    Tested it for braking and or course it broke in half because its hard plastic so you cant make ramp of it but on snow at least its good. Could be good for some FWD car to get out of tricky situation on snow. Cheap and light and if no use later can use it in garden
  7. so as i though main thing is drive fast and hard so those special shocks can absorb all that without problems. i get it its very cool i saw your frist tests when you did crazy things with your older OBK and i get it really but for poor man off roading we finding other ways too. yes subarus will never be crawlers still they can do stuff thats enough to enjoy slow driving as well. if choose other car i would go for ZJ or WJ grands. lots potential to mod them too.
  8. i wrote some more to my post if you could read that too and maybe explain me better that travel vs articulation. as i understand you dont care for slow offroading in mud and such but more fast sand driving where you need those expencive shocks do all work. so you wouldnt put those just for slow offroading then ? when i unbolt front shock top mount and let it go it still have some 5cm maybe to go down until it reaches some limit. so in theory if i could have in front longer shock by 5cm then i have now i would have more travel in front , and i mean that wheel would go more down like in bad road . yes on high speed i would wreck CV axles i guess on that limit but on slow driving crawling i could drop front wheel even more or not ? i know all ppl saying 5cm is like max limit to lift those outbacks then your CV hurts a lot. hope you dont mind i used your pics and made some comparison. they private pics so noone sees them so yh i can see that yours goes more up and more down, though mine down is not in air yet. but i get it some part of that long travel cool thing. but if not use it for fast off road driving as dakar style then is that needed ? or worth it about bump stops . is it any danger to drive without them with stock shocks with lift spacers on top ? will that wheel reachs its limit and hit something else if there wont be bump stop or its fine ? i dont have it on drive side and i didint heard any bad noises from there .
  9. remove shocks ? like go without shocks ? on driver side my bump stop rusted off so i dont have it at all there. on driver side its there for some time at least . i allways thought cheap way is just put longer shocks from other cars like i saw some people put rear toyota surf some model rear shock to forester front , wel lstuff like that from other car that have longer shocks but same mountings at least bottom . and yeas im thinking about 2 different things here travel and articulation. so i removed sway bars so my wheel could drop more down, with sway bar it just holds wheel up so you lift your wheel in air faster. without sway bar its still on ground on same places. im talking about gaining that stuff by removing sway bars. yes articulation would be even better there. but its cost lots money and i mean lots. one of things why subaru its because its cheap, so you removing that factor from buying subaru at all with putting lots expencive parts in it. there are better cars better 4wd cars that allready made go fast and hard and need much less modifications to do that. if you have time and will can you pls explain me ok so you gaining lots travel with long shocks much longer then stock ones. that i get thats need on high speed via bad roads, so is it just for that. ? so you go slow off roading and your one rear wheel goes into air with that you lossing traction and with that old subaru AWD system fails and car not moves anywhere. ok so what if your rear wheel can drop more down , so it still wouod maintain traction with ground and AWD system could put some power to that and move car. so i need that more wheel droping , and that i gained some with removing sway bars. more in front about 5cm maybe and less in rear , still i gained . so its not travel then its just that my wheel drops more down to maintain traction longer. but thats what i need there. so your wheel drops down more because you put there longer shocks ? but is it much more then mine stock? i still got traction in rear wheel there its still not in the air. with sway bars connected it would be in air allready. so i get it that i can get even more wheel drop with longer shocks but then maybe other things starts to fail or reach their limits. that why you making all those other mods to your car . is it right ? but im still getting what i need with my car just with removed sway bars, and when wheel goes in air then VDC kicks in.
  10. So what you will do in rear is it worse then on older gen obk? Is there any simple and cheap way to just gain some more travel with stock parts. Like just to remove sway bar gives some.?
  11. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    3euro DIY garden style Max Trax . one pad 3 euro. getting 2 pads. grips very good.
  12. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    who loves snow ? that one pic where car is on angle. maybe sounds silly but how to stop car in middle of hill and get out of it to take pic, same time not get stuck in gear with automatic, if you change gear and leave car on angle that gear will stuck, even if you use handbrake it doesnt help anything. what helps with my auto and ither who has that Hold/Power function, so that Hold thing does what it says. its just makes all easy leave car on D and it will stay in place wont move wont slide.
  13. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    more snow more fun , subaru just loves snow there i was almost in trouble as i tried to go forward car was sliding more to right and to deeper snow , but couple move back and forward and i went off to field again. again not spining wheel too much helped there again with VDC as spinning wheel makes ice under tire and you dont want ice there. so carefully working with little slippage i went off that trap.
  14. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    so now its better looking beast with those wheels now in proper place not too much out they nto sticking out at all rly. so its great.
  15. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    25mm wheel spacers. Did all outside in dark on snow with hi lift jack. Took about 1 hr