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  1. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    will help me offroad better. well recovery better myself or others...
  2. Thanks for info. Could be nice to test or see anyone done that on subaru. We dont have tacomas over here. And hiluxes are not so popular as well. Weird i cant find anyone on internet that would have that conversion done to subaru. Top mounts not so important i think as you can make any adapter there to fit . idealy it would be some 5-8 cm longer strut body itself with longer travel and just be similar size and fit bottom mount.
  3. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    made shackle adapter for my rear custom hi lift lift points.
  4. scalman

    '04 Outback VDC, wrecked-to-overland build

    2" lift on that car is just 2" spacers there. No matter SJR or space metal you put there it will be same result.
  5. hmm why not just go for outback then. its same legacy inside and outside with small differences and with great almost 8'' ground clearance. legacy and outbacks have very low front bumper its just getting in the way most time. otherwise legacy or outback doing great off road. if you dont need clearance though. and depends what engine youll go for. 2.5 wont have all bells and whistles that h6 3.0 will have. no VDC too. i have just over 10'' clearance now. still drives fine on street .
  6. scalman

    '04 Outback VDC, wrecked-to-overland build

    amazing work on cars and great views there. so you still have both bumpers ok ? i mean i was just hating when i just cought front bumper just everywhere. so i cut it and cut rear one too. its different world. and lift. why no do it ? its free if you make simple spacers on struts. nothing else needed. still amazing how you drive in all those places with being so low
  7. scalman

    '01 outback adventurer build

    Hello everyone. Subarus are amazing cars and outbacks are so good family/adventurer rides, just if you do something with front and rear bumpers. Well front is must So my model is kinda rear outback 2001 , 2.5 , 4eat , VDC , rear LSD diff. Yes its one of those early 2.5 engine VDC models. Those kinda rare to see out there. So make it short this how it went from stock when i bought it in 2014 to this day And what you see here and not see are: 2" lift spacers 215/65 r16 BFG TA KO2 Custom UEL headers Removed front and rear stabilizers Front and rear bumper cuts Custom 1x1.8m roof rack Front and rear hi lift jack mounts And it drives on LPG. Lpg tank is in spare tire place. I have build topic in another place but to make it short and compact info thought to put it here as well. So first thing i noticed was very low front bumper even with lift it was just going in the way all times. So front bumper was going in half so time ago and rear i cut not so long time ago. Now its much much more capable drive trough stuff And things that i most proud of are hi lift jack mounts. I made adapter for hi lift myself and then front and rear mounts in car. And its just another world how fast and east you can recover yourself from bad situations without any help Its just makes all difference from staying stuck and going look for help to just lifting car and driving out Took me about 20 min to drive out from this. Most part of that time for digging. I bought hi lift jack after got stuck one time in middle of forest and there was noone to pull me off. Car was there 2 more days before i got it out. Would be simple job with hi lift. So now im just ready. And hi lift can be used as to pull car forward or backwards too as hand winch. Leds in front bumper for more light in bush. It spreads to sides to well Some plasti dip for more interesting look. And those bumper cuts just let me go on obstacles that i couldnt go before Removed stabilizers helps with better articulation gives it about + 5-8cm more suspension travel front and rear And VDC really loves when it gets more grip with that . just makes car even more capable. And no problems without sway bars on low and high speeds. You just need get used to it. Then it feels just natural.
  8. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    Some cleaning and polishing. Looks good im allready get used to new bumpers.
  9. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    Bumper cut now all fits with bumper on and works very well. Trying to make some reciever adapter for shackle. Will redo it if needed whe. I get shackles. Im glad all worked out simple way not i can very simple and fast lift car and high. Rear maybe not so high as bumper is allready high there but its enough to lift wheel in air and its still some 3 steps left on hi lift.
  10. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    made hi lift points for rear too. now i can lift all 4 corners with hi lift.
  11. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    Some 20 min maybe. Most that time for diging after i lifted car with hi lift. Its funny how easy is to do that with this jack vs other options would be so much problems. I didint even get dirty. That foldable shovel is amazing was so fast digging that sand. As for jack i didint had any extra pad you would think you need for soft sand ,just stock one and it was not sinking a lot, just some and then car just went up. I was there alone in middle of forest, what could go wrong.. Hey look its some hole you wont pass it , maybe you should get out first and check, naaah it will be fine ..bamm ... Lol
  12. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    testing that rear bumper. amazing how much that changes things. i can now reverse into places that was not possible before and some fun Solo recovery with hi lift . again it saves the day. no way i could recover myself from there.
  13. i chose subaru but for same price i could get grand ZJ or WJ even. i didint drove those yet and others tell that stock ZJ is not capable .. as of stock city tyres. but i think they would me more capable more flex real low gear , maybe no locks but you can get them with full time / part time / low gears and that would beat subaru AWD . again i just think that from all videos i saw and from my own understanding. i never needed sporty driving style thats why i dont care now to drive lifted outback without sway bars. it drives ok for me for everyday and for trips.
  14. maybe doing something that not many other do is main thing. i can see that thing more excited then just put kit that someone did and its done. no more work on car.