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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I own a 88 gl wagon. I use it for wheeling. What is the simplest way to lift it? I would like 4". Would prefer a way that I don't have to deal with steering linkage...if at all possible! Be kind I'm new lol. Ty!!
  2. Well hello there...glad to finally be a part of USMB. Just bought an 88 Subaru GL Manual 4x4 w/ hi and lo. woo woo and this message board has already been a big help with some repairs I am doing myself. I'm an absolute novice as far as car repairs go, but I'm stoked to learn and share knowledge with everyone. So far the GL has been great and I'm excited to keep working on it. Anyone out there with a GL!?!?
  3. so i just bought an 88 GL wagon and the the power windows dont work at all. i took the door panels off and come to find out that 3 of the motors are not even in the door!!! the windows are just held up by vise grips ive been searching online and the local parts stores for manual window regulators but cant find any, im starting to think that power windows were the only option? i know the doors were meant to fit both styles, power and manual, because theres 2 sets of holes and the main hole for the stub to come out.
  4. How hard would it be to swap the hubs from a 91 legacy onto a 88 gl? Any input would be greatly appreciated. If this is or already had been discussed somewhere can someone please put a link in this thread.
  5. So i have an 84 GL wagon, just finished the 5speed swap. The 4wd is stuck in 4hi. not with the shift linkage or with pry-bars am i able to move it to 4low or 2wd. I'm supposed to make a few hundred mile drive tonight and I don't suspect id be doing very well on the "new" 5speed stuck in 4wd. Any clues, hints, advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. Hello all! I'm new to the forum, and live in the northwest have owned 2 Subaru's my VERY FIRST CAR was an 82 Subaru brat I was driving in the country and spotted it sitting under a collapsed barn with a for sale sign in the window I had to have it! paid $450 bucks for it! and drove it home.. man oh man did it need help! first time in the drive way. started fixin it up 2 months later while driving home it caught on fire. I now drive my 2nd Subaru. also my 2ND CAR an 88 GL wagon picker her up off CL for $500 fell in love! she is super clean and RUST FREE! (: after the journey home I will start a build thread because I do plan to build her! stay tuned for more pics and upgrades
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