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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a 2009 outback, 5mt. 160k miles. Hit something and the front bumper is cracked, along with the hood being a little wrinkled now. The steering wheel airbag deployed. I'm hoping to buy the car cheap, and replace the airbag myself. Is it just that simple? There are a lot of airbags on ebay for about $150, but they all say 4AT on the back of them. Does that mean they're not compatible with a 5 speed manual? Also, do I need to replace airbag control modules too? Seatbelts x4? I assume once I've done the manual labor, I need to have the components synced at a dealership? I haven't found a write-up on the forum for airbag replacement. OEM airbag from subaru is $550... Take care Greg
  2. Story time Aug 04 2017 Two friends went to Subway for a Friday lunch, but on the way they stopped at a red light behind a Subaru WRX and a motorcycle (all in the right lane). When the light turned green the left lane went on through the intersection safely, but in our lane the WRX continued surfing on his phone looking down and completely oblivious and more importantly to this story: stopped. Right about the same time it would be appropriate to lean on the horn to get his attention, Mr Blue Camry, who's driver is still suffering from the flu for 3 days, decides to proceed through the intersection as well, except I'm sitting stopped in front of him. SMASH Research afterwards looks like the collision was probably only 12-15 miles per hour. Mr. Blue Camry driver admitted afterward he hit the gas after hitting me instead of the break. The impact(s) pushed me into the motorcycle ahead of me. Physically no one was hurt. yes we're all shaken pretty good. no police, no ambulance. All the police reports and insurance claims have changed hands appropriately. The damage: The Motorcycle: rear fender folded under itself pinching the tire stopped. Repaired by hand at the scene so he could roll home. Mr Blue Camry: no detectable damage to front bumper cover... nothing. 1992 Loyale Front bumper: The pic will show my 1989 GL front bumper for the detail oriented. Actually the turn signal was already "loose" before the accident. 1992 Loyale rear bumper: completely crushed but more so on the passenger side. 1992 Loyale wagon bed: the smuggler’s door hinges are bent and misaligned. Crumpled metal. The hatch latch no longer aligns up with the hatch lock. 1992 Loyale exhaust: bent at the muffler? bent at the cat mount? bent at the exhaust manifold. It wasn't hard enough of an impact to break the wagon door glass. It didn't crush the passenger side brake light housing The interior hatch cover clips are broken so it hangs down on the drivers side when open. The driver seat does not stand up, broken tooth or equivalent damage, it's more of a low-rider feel setting. The major rub is that the hatch door no longer latches. It's heavy enough not to open while driving, but the car is convinced that the interior lights need to stay on all the time. The dash says "HEY your rear hatch is open." Hey Hey Hey Eventually, I'll get under there and find the fuse the run the interior lights and pull that out. You may recall I have some substantial LED light inside that LIGHT UP THE NIGHT. I remove the ground cable from the battery every time I exit the vehicle to save it. Pictures to follow after all the terrible rain...
  3. I literally just registered here, so, hello. I spent some time lurking, trying to find information but it didn't work out so well. Anyway, I drove into a guy's tow hitch at about 10 mph yesterday and the car shut off... and won't start now. There was minor damage to the front end, everything got pushed in on the drivers side a couple inches, the radiator was broken, and the bumper sits crooked now, but the hood still latches and the fan and everything behind it is fine.. everything should be good once I install the new radiator either later today or tomorrow. But still, the problem remains.. I can not start the car. It will turn over, the starter has no problems.. I have spark and everything.. I don't think it's getting fuel. I have read different things about whether the 1988 DL's have an inertial cutoff switch, been told to check around the back of the car, etc. I spent hours looking yesterday and couldn't find a damn thing. SO I have come here, to seek help from people who know these cars. Does my car have one? Not sure if it matters but it's FWD and 5 speed. Or maybe it's something else? The fuel lines in the engine bay are all in tact.. I haven't removed one to check if there is fuel in it yet because I have just assumed it's not getting fuel and don't want to do the work.. The fuses are all fine, too. I'd like to have my car back running ASAP since it's my daily driver. Any help is appreciated guys!
  4. I was rear ended and I can't get my trunk to close. Latch is not warped or anything and I replaced the bumper. I'm guessing it's the lock on the trunk. Can anyone help me find a replacement in Northern California? I am willing to travel any distance as long as I can find this. Pick n pull in the Bay Area has no sedans only wagons.
  5. So my fiancée has been driving my '94 GT lately... and yesterday she came out of work to find that someone had hit the back of it in the parking lot. They didn't leave a note, and while the business has security cameras, they don't cover that part of the parking lot. We filed a police report, but they can't do anything without any leads... So we're on our own. It must have been a truck or SUV, as the impact missed the bumper, but pushed in the metal in the middle of the hatch just to the right of the license plate. The glass didn't break, but it appears to have pulled back the bottom part of the window seal. The part where the lock is at is cleary pushed in, maybe an inch and a half or so. (I would post a photo, but the forum gallery is being reworked...) The biggest problem for now is that the hatch no longer opens. When you pull up on it, it doesn't feel like it is binding... so I think that the problem is with the lock mechanism being unable to release now that it is bent up. Does anyone know if the plastic cover on the interior of the hatch can be removed while the hatch door is closed? It's already sprung a bit from the accident, but I'm not entirely sure how it comes off... Thanks.
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