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Testing for hydrocarbons?

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Hey all,


I've got a pretty complete shop and I do quite a bit of car work on the side. Something I do not have, nor do I know the exact direction I want to go with, is something to check for hydrocarbons in the coolant. Or maybe check in the exhaust?


And suggestions? Should I get a 4 gas analyzer? Or something to check the coolant for contaminants?


Both general tool suggestions as well as specific brands or links would be appreciated.

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Plastic bag and a canary over the radiator neck...... that's how we did it back in nam before I lost my leg. :lol:


But seriously - northern tool has this guy:




I doubt it's that accurate and I'm not sure I would trust it for tuning, etc, but if you just want a pass/fail on HC's from the radiator I bet it would do that job alright.


For tuning, I have a wideband O2 sensor as it can remain on the vehicle when driving under various load conditions. They are also around $300 for the entry level stuff.



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