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The Beast I Drive

A goodbye to my Brat... And this one didnt end in a ball of flames!

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Well, I have made the deal, and my '86 Brat is being transfered to Earl (pooparu)'s ownership on Saturday, Feb. 20th. Im kinda sad to see it go, after all the work I have put in it and all the big plans I had for it, but I know it will be in good hands and get used for what I built it for.


The rundown:

86 GL Brat

prototype 3" lift (2" at front crossmembers, 3" at struts, I dont recomend this)

Stock EA81 and 4 speed D/R with modified shift linkage to accomodate the lift

full dual exhaust with X pipe, 18" glasspacks, and 3" exhaust stacks

custom heavy duty front and rear bumpers with recovery points

3/16" Diamondplate skidplate

Modified and reinforced EA82 lower control arms, EA82 front axles, 18 degree camber-cut lift blocks reversed, stock EA81 struts, knuckles and brakes

130W fog lights

14" Pug steels with 27/8.5/R14 Maxxis Bighorns

custom rear clearancing and front crossmember, gaind nearly a foot of clearance over stock


I had big plans, full subframe, twin trannies, Nissan T-case, 4 wheel steering, 32" tires, etc. But I have decided I need to prioritize a bit. I only ever got to actually wheel it with the lift and ATV tires once, but it was unstoppable. There are a few things on it that need attention, but overall it is a ready-to-wheel Brat and I hope the new owner will enjoy it!


When I first brought it home:



Phase I



Phase II




Broken for a while



Phase III






Final Stages








Here is a video of what the Brat sounds like with my exhaust setup. Never mind the TOD and the shattered windshield :banana:



It was a fun project, now I can focus on the Beast and making other people's rides as fly as mine :lol:



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Im going to miss this one too, it has been dead reliable from day one. Never ever left me stranded, it always got me home. Had a few issues now and then, but it was always good to me. Ufortunately its the only Subaru I own that actually has any value on the open market :rolleyes: But I will hopefully be seeing it again this summer at Walker :banana:



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Yea that sure was badass, At least it isn't gonna leave the board (I'm sure Earl will post about it here and there)


Now maybe you can get crackin' on that bumper for me :-p (Joke)


Good luck on the Beast!



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Those ATV tires looked like they could handle anything. But i bet rideing on the road was way harsh. What size were those.


I still have the ATV tires, those werent included in the deal. They are ITP Mudlite XT's, 27/12.5/R14 on redrilled Mazda pickup rims. And they are incredible, but I still need to get the innertubes installed so I can really wheel them, they are at 7 psi in the second to last pic.



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very cool, checked out the vid for the sound, love the tires and the mods... really like the front bumper too


was going to ask about the control arm mods - but you had the pics of that


those arms like to twist don't they? I've ordered my second one from 1st Subaru :eek:


I may have to come visit some day, my folks live not too far from you and it'd be fun to walk around and BS in your project yard :grin:

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