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My problem now is with the interior's Aesthetics... 
Wooden part I made for the Center Console, doesn't fit anymore.
Because the shifter went one inch backwards, 
the outer Rubber boot is decentered.

Also since I welded a half inch longer metal cube, instead the Rubber cube for the Linkage:









...But since the whole drivetrain has moved backward an inch...




...I had to do a small bend on each side to make it Fit there.


 Edit: I should have welded it one inch closer, my Mistake.

The already shortened shifter, went down another half inch, making it even Shorter...

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Since the above part doesn't go all the way to the Back, reaching the parking brake Handle's base, like the GL's center console, I thought that I could simply place that part in front, instead of the one that I have, then a Floor Mat on the naked Shifter's area, leaving the rear part for the Parking brake, Stock; and finally let the mini rubber boot sit over said floor mat...


Being without a center console on the Shifter, will lower the placement for the mini Rubber Boot; but I will miss the Wooden part... Maybe I just modify said wooden part to fit a Leather boot in place of the Mini Rubber boot. Something that fits my Black shifter Knob.





Edited to add the Photo

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Did you drop the transmission and strut rods for the 1"1/2 Or just the engine crossmember


Engine's Crossmember was dropped one and a half inch; then the Transmission's Shifter Linkage, got an added half inch of drop when I welded a Metal piece instead the Rubber Cube, as shown and explained in previous posts with Photos, and added a Steering shaft extension to compensate the amount dropped; finally, I used Strut blocks of two inches in their top, That's it.


Everything has been properly explained in previous posts here, with Photos.


Kind Regards.

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... Before you got the legacy shaft, how much did you add to the stock one when you lengthened it? ...


A little more than one inch long.



... I love how detailed your threads are ...


Thank you!



... but I didn't see you mention it anywhere.


What I did, has been mentioned on earlier posts of this thread, such like post Nº 38,


here: http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/113907-lookin-for-a-front-lil-lift/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1045545 If you scroll down there, you'll find more photos.


But I lenghtened it with the old 1" blocks for the Engine's crossmember, then I used the already longer from factory, Legacy one, with the " Engine's crossmember blocks, and that legacy one has exactly the same amount longer that I added to the old, factory one.


Kind Regards.

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