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Battle of the beaters (Sentra vs. Loyale) (Videos)

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The supercharger idea was a fail.

They could have gotten more power with a a/c delete, they left it on for some reason.

The lights were a win. :drunk:

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Dude! That junkyard they go to (B&B) is where I got the fender and hood that's on Ben right now! Pulled it off of an 88 RX! It's in Holidaysburg P.A.

HUGE place, family has been going there for years! Wow! Crazy small world lol


They have a 92 loyale sedan there, the RX, and a bunch of wagons.


estimated 11 second 0-60 haha!! I wish!


I like how he tries to slide the back end out at 8:52 by yanking the e-brake.


Apparently they aren't aware it actuates the front brakes. :)

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