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WCSS 15 What YOU Need to Know

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Hey Subaru Fans!


We’re down to less than one short week before the show. I hope everyone has their cars cleaned up and all your new modifications installed. We’ve got some pretty cool things in store for everyone this year, and look forward to seeing everyone there. We’ve posted most of the information you need to know for the show, but here it is all in one easy to find place. 


WCSS15 is all day Saturday September 7th (see schedule below) with camping available before the event Friday night, and after the event Saturday night.


Show Entry:

$10/car or $5/person if you don’t want to bring your car in


Camping Fees:

$20 for 1 night, or $30 for both nights.




Friday - Registration opens at 4pm

(Please be respectful and patient with all staff volunteers if you show up early!)




Registration Opens: 8am

Roll-In / Parking Begins: 10am

Lunch from Dante’s Inferno: Opens 11am

Show and Shine Judging: Starts 12pm

Mud Pit: 11 -1 & 3-5

Trophies/Raffle: Starts 6pm



Dante’s Inferno Dogs will be serving hot dogs and sausages from about 11-3. 


Please bring cash!

- Entry Fees

- Camping Fees

- Food

- Merch

- Raffle Tickets

- Vendors




Can we have Campfires? No. Grounds is under a burn ban. BBQ’s are permitted.


Do I need to bring anything for Registration? No. As long as you have pre-registered you are in our system. We will only need your name, or your number from the confirmation email.


Do we need helmets? Mudpit does not require helmets, just proper restraints. However, this does not mean bringing a helmet wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Can I bring my dog? Is your dog well behaved around 100’s of people and loud running cars? If they are, they are more than welcome. If you have any doubts about how they will handle crowds or cars... for their safety and ours, please leave them at home.


Where do I pay for camping? Camping is paid on site at the gate when you arrive.


Do I have my own camping site? We are camping field style, and there are no site designations.


Can I rope of a big area for camping with all my friends? We've allowed this in years past, but are going to have to limit it this year. You will still be allowed to save a small space specifically for tents, but you will not be permitted to rope of an excessively large area.


I didn’t order a shirt / glass, but really want one! We will have shirts and glasses for sale at the show.


Alcohol, whats the skinny? Alcoholic beverages  are not to be consumed by anyone under 21 years of age. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the show area.  Washington State Law prohibits anyone from bringing large quantities of any alcoholic beverages onto the site and distributing them.  A hefty fine can be levied for violation of this law. Anyone behaving in an unruly manner  which disturbs event participants or constitutes a safety concern will be asked to leave. Intoxicated persons will be evicted.

We've got to crack down on things this year. If you're being irresponsible, belligerent, or disrespectful in any way, you will be asked to leave and will not be welcome back at future shows. We've been lenient in years past, but have reached the end of our rope for dealing with this particular topic. Next year will be a dry show if trends continue as they have. 


Quiet hours, quiet camping, how's that work this year? Quiet Hours  are from 10:00 PM  to 7:00 AM.  Please refrain from unnecessarily noisy activities or loud music  and extinguish bright lights during those hours.  There will be no group gatherings in the quiet area after 10:00 PM. If you wish to stay up and converse (even quietly),  please do so outside of the designated quiet zone.

There is a separate quite camping site this year. Quite camping site is for quite camping. Seriously. Not "I want to sleep in a quite area after i'm done partying..." it's a quite camping area, and it will be strictly enforced. There will be no traffic between the two camp sites. 


I didn’t pre-register, can I still come? Yes! It will take just a minute of your time to fill out the registration sheet at the gate, but otherwise its the same cost as pre-registering. However, you do miss out on our awesome goodie bag.


We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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Just came back from the Cowlits Regional Conference Center, the site of WCSS15. There are two gates, gate 6 off of Washington and Gate 4 off of 7th. Which will be the gate we enter at?

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Just came back from the Cowlits Regional Conference Center, the site of WCSS15. There are two gates, gate 6 off of Washington and Gate 4 off of 7th. Which will be the gate we enter at?


We are not sure yet.  We will make the decision on Thursday when we get on site, and we will put up signage.


The gate off Washington St. is more direct to the camping field, however doesn't leave much room for lining up.  We may opt for the entrance off 7th, that is closest to Washington St. as that would give us some of that parking lot to line up in.  However, that may be a no go depending on event happening in the Conference Center on Friday.

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If the go-carts are there, thats reason enough to bring your own helmet even if you aren't playing in the mud pit.  I prefer to use my own and not the sweaty loaner thats been passed around all day.

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