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1988 Subaru GL Wagon

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Hey everyone, I'm new here. I decided to join because I am looking into getting a 88 GL Wagon from a man my dad works with. It's the 1.8 (TBI?) coupled to a 5 speed with dual range 4wd, AC, power windows and locks, and silver in color. I might be trading a snowmobile for it otherwise I more than likely will be selling my current car (94 Saturn SL1) and then buying the GL. Anyways, the man who owns it has put a lot of new things into it over the past few years main things being the clutch and motor itself. It has some bubbling paint around where the windshield meets the bodywork. There's also some rust around the rear wheel wells and behind the rear wheels, however the underside of the car looks pretty clean still. I took it for a test drive and it seems to drive okay, it fired right up and was smooth but the clutch pedal had little feel to it and was mushy. Everything else seems clean and functioning. The only things that need work mechanically (to my knowledge) is one side needs new wheel bearings and there is a fuel pressure regulator or something on the gas tank that leaks. With this information that I have provided what is your opinions on it? Is there any red flags or anything that I should be aware of when hopefully purchasing it? Thanks guys!

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  there is not anything on the fuel tank,  there is a fuel filler hose and a big vent hose, then in the front there is a fuel out to the pump assembly and a return fuel line, and a small vent line i think goes to the evap canister,   also 1-2 little vent lines on the pass side, they go into a vapor tank like thing inside the car ,it's  inside the rear cover panel behind the pass side rear wheel .  this can be a possible for fumes but not so likely to have liquid fuel ,  the fuel pump rubber lines or return line could have a leak maybe,  it's mounted under the car on a metal panel near the pass side rear wheel.  fuel guage sender is in the top ,  access is under a metal cover in the rear of the trunk area sorta to the right side.

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In regards to the mechanical vs hydraulic I have an 82 Dodge Rampage that has a cable op clutch. I know all cars feel different but it felt way too different like something needed adjustment. And the gas thing I'm unsure of, all I was told was it was a regulator or something. I'd have to ask the guy again!

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