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Julianco,   Tried to reply before, don't know why it didn't post.  I just got a set for my '79 4wd wagon and it wasn't easy.  Going thru rockauto or another parts house usually means it is a rebuild service and that seemed a little sketchy to me.  These things are like hen's teeth and I waqsn't too keen on shipping mine off to get them back who knows when.  I wound up geting a set through a transmission shop down in Baltimore.  Jim Jennings was he name of the place.  If you have a good tranny/driveline shop near you, they may have a good source to try.  The bottom line is that a shop is going to have better parts resources than what is available to you or me.  And if they are a good outfit, they won't skin you for getting the parts ordered in for you.  At least that's what I found.  Hope this helps and good luck!                                                             

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