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Hey guys, just wanted to see if anyone had input or experience regarding this bearing/washer combo I came across whilst googling. I have a car with cheap coil sleeves installed on stock struts, and I'm doing a bit of troubleshooting. By the way, I am aware that that last sentence contains atrocious words(cheap coil sleeves, stock struts).. Words that only a young man with a microscopic budget would utter. Try to get past that before you bust the flamethrower out. 


SO, the car in question has a pretty bad case of "coil-bind" or "spring bind." That's not really a common term, so if you haven't heard of it, here's what I know: we're obviously talking about a macpherson strut setup here, so the strut and spring turn when the steering wheel turns. My springs get hung up somehow, if you get what I mean. There is tension in the steering wheel, particularly when stopped and turning the wheel. The tension builds and "pops," which is audible both inside and outside the car, and can be felt in the steering wheel. The "binding" doesn't just happen when stopped, so say you come to a stop and turn the car 90 degrees to the right. The springs don't want to rotate smoothly, and they make a little pop noise as you crank the wheel. The car now pulls to the right, as the spring doesn't want to rotate back to it's normal position after the turn is complete. They are square end springs, I feel as if the issue is pretty clear(in my head) and the base of the spring is just not rotating properly, particularly since it's under so much pressure.


These roller thrust bearings I came across seem like they could be a solution. If not a complete fix, maybe they would "reduce the symptoms" a bit. Has anyone seen this in action on a car, or really anything in real life?


I think the consensus will be that I should buy some and try it out, but I just wondered if any of you physics-inclined folks would have valuable input. I would appreciate it, and do flame on if you feel it is necessary. Here are two links that are relevant:


Eibach Torsion Release Bearings TRB250 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing


QA1 Coil-Over Shock Thrust Bearing Kits 7888-109 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing


Thanks in advance, Subaru Gods.

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The car is a 1990 Loyale wagon w/ part time 4WD. 2 struts up front, 2 coilover shocks in the rear. I am aware I technically posted in the wrong category btw. Aftermarket springs aren't common whatsoever on the EA series cars like mine. I figured the legacy/impreza folks would be more likely to have answers/knowledge.

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There is a bearing in the strut top mount to allow the strut, spring and, upper spring perch to rotate. On some strut designs, just below the bearing is a cone washer which has to face with the small diameter of the cone towards the inner race of the bearing. If the cone washer is flipped, the large diameter side of the washer will make contact with both races of the bearing and prevent it from spinning to allow the strut to rotate.

A common mistake when assembling struts is to flip the cone washer.


It's also possible that the bearings in the strut mounts are just bad. These are usually a ball bearing design and do not last forever.

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Shot in the dark... Do you notice any wear inside the strut towers? Or possibly a spring grabbing one of the long accessory bolts?

I had some bind similar to what you are experiencing after using 07 impreza springs on my loyale 3 door. I had to BFH/grinder massage some inside the towers.

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