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I done some digging in the various forums but can't seem to find the answer.  I have a 1990 Legacy wagon with only 140k on it. I've done the front struts but the parts store wants stupid prices for the rears.  I've seen that I can swap top hats and use later model struts but i can't find exact information.  If anyone has some for sale I'd be interested. I'm sure I need springs too. :) AFIK OEM is still in there from when my dad bought it new in 1990.


You can also reply to mcopeland at pobox dot com




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check prices at rockauto and even amazon .


KYB are the most popular struts - that's what I put on our 03 Outback.

I agree the KBYs are prolly the most popular replacement strut. I have used them for years on various cars with great results. Recently put on a pair of KYBs to the rear of my 99 OBW. I bought them from FCP Euro, Milford, CT. Grand total came to $153.86. This included 2 ea. Suspension Strut Bellows (dust covers), free shipping, and no tax. Prolly about the same cost for your 90 Subie. Shop the internet auto parts stores. Most carry KYBs in stock.

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Thanx for the replies. It looks like Rockauto might be my best bet. Installing two rear struts will double the value of my car :)

Rockauto prices and delivery are great, when all goes well. Problems begin if they ship you the wrong or defective product, causing you to deal with their customer service.  Their customer service is reported to be poor, and uncooperative.

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