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I'm not very familiar with cars so I was looking for help on identifying an engine part. 


I was driving this afternoon and saw some smoke coming out of my hood so I opened the hood and saw a fluid leak near the bottom of the engine.


It looks like a part tore and something came leaking out.  It's near the passenger side towards the back of the engine. Can you help me ID it?



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Yeah. they can go a long while like that. You'd make a few thousand miles most likely before anything would fail. But once they start making clicking noise, you should replace the whole axle. Since you caught this one early, it's just a matter of pulling the axle and replacing that rubber boot and putting new grease in there.


Always better to have the boot replaced than to replace the whole axle. New Subaru axles are over $400 and are the only ones that last as a rule. The cheaper Napa axles and such tend to fail rapidly. New boot and grease will be about $20. and you'll pay the shop an hour or so in labor and be back on the road.

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Just noticed my cv joint started clicking on real hard turns. Boot doesn't appear torn.

Started last week as I made a real hard turn while heading into an uphill parking spot. Heard the click and there was some serious noise as if binding on that wheel.

 Is a re-grease/reboot a reasonable treatment or am I looking at replacement?

2005 OB 175K miles on original cv/boot

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