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Roll pin seems to be the wrong size on 97 legacy outback

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I punched out a roll pin on my 97 legacy outback and it seemed like it took more effort than it should have and when it finally came out it had been broken.


I went to put a new pin in and it was being a real bugger to work with so I took a look at the roll pin that had come out.  It was permanently compressed.


Is it possible that the shaft from the transmission has a hole that is too small for standard subaru roll pins?  


Here's a few pictures of the pin:

post-61972-0-60667900-1456873114_thumb.jpg  post-61972-0-19706300-1456873133_thumb.jpg  post-61972-0-58182400-1456873162_thumb.jpg


Here's the roll pin from the 97 legacy compared to a pin I pulled from a 99 forester last week.


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Probably what happened is the hole wasn't lined up correctly when it was installed previously. Have to look through and make sure. If the axle is 180 off the spline is like 1/2 tooth off on the stub and it will crush the pin and can break it like that. 

If you don't have the special axle pin punch for Subaru axles, its easier if you stick the pin into a socket that is just small enough for the pin to be just a little loose. Put a 6" or 10" extension on the socket and use that to get the pin started. 

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