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Hey guys,


 I have a '98 Legacy Wagon that I'm trying to read some CEL codes from. The problem that I am finding is that the black connectors are not anywhere to be seen under the dash. Also, when I connect an OBDII reader, nothing happens. No power. I've checked all fuses. I've been searching the internet, and it appears that my OBD port isn't the same as everyone elses... I've attached pictures of what my OBD port looks like. Pin 16 is supposed to be the power lead, but I don't have a wire there. Any suggestions?



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No that's correct. You should have 12v at all times on the red wire in pin 1. That wire gets power from the same circuit that feeds the fuel pump relay, main relay, and the ECU.

Check for 12v there. Key does not need to be on, it should be hot all the time.

If that has 12v, Check your ground on the black and red wires. That circuit grounds to the engine with the main ECU harness on top of the intake manifold.

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Did you check pin 1 with a voltmeter to see if 12v is getting to the plug on the red wire?


If the engine runs, the fuse is fine. Same fuse gives power to the ECU, fuel pump and main relay. If you have no voltage at pin 1, there's a break in the wire somewhere between the connector and the relays where it splices into the supply circuit.

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