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I've got a 4.11 FD ratio transmission to replace the one that's failing in my 2002 legacy.  This means I need a 4.11 rear differential as mine is 3.90. I found a great deal on one that is limited slip from a JDM WRX with low miles, only thing is the axles are slightly thicker at the splines on the WRX.  

How hard is it to take the differential apart and use the axle-holder-spline-bearings (sorry, don't know the part name) from my old differential so my axles will fit?  Is this possible?

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Google it surely someone has messed with those?


EJ limited slips can often be warn out and function like open diffs. I wouldn't put much effort if it's a pain.


get JDM axles? Or see if another rear axle is the same like H6 or turbo USDM rear diffs?


What do the axles engage inside the diff - the lsd chunk? Or is there a part between the axle and lsd chunk?

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I'm thinking that I can't use the WRX axles, which are different lengths (between left and right) and also probably too short for my Legacy L Wagon.  I guess I would need to get Legacy GT axle shafts and put the wrx inside splines on them.... crap. Might have to scrap this idea.

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