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The pulley that adjusts the power steering belt (unsure of what it is called) has seized. Is there a way to loosen it up by cleaning and lubricating it? Or do i need to replace the pulley altogether? I have an 87 3door with a FI 1.8. If i need to replace it, I sure could use some advice on where to find one. THANKS!

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Probably not a OEM part #.    The part # would be for the entire assembly.    Whom ever presses the bearing out, will mic it out, then you can buy a replacement.   Like take the old one to Bearings Inc. and they will measure it and sell you a new one.   Who knows, they might have a press operator who can do it all for you.

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it uses a standard 6200 bearing  double shielded  , any auto parts store with a machine shop should have it and  can press it in .it is retained by a snap ring on the back side . I have done it with a hammer and a punch  before ,  but not ideal .


I seem to recall helping my dad punch old ones out, and put new ones in (in various things) using a piece of pipe that was a tiny bit smaller than the OD. Didn't have a press handy.

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