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XT6 air suspension/lift

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So I am finally getting a hold of an XT6 and I will be lifting it. because I can. and because its a turd that wont easily polish.


I am curious about the front suspension, what struts do people use to replace the air suspension?

legacy? and if so could outback struts be used to lift it?


not too worried about the rear I have a plan but I've only lifted 4 lug subies so the front is what I'm concerned about


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Yes legacy and outback struts fit up front. Spread flange slightly and the bolt holes don’t quite line up but it’s easiky worked around. I’ve seen people just pound the bolts through as they’re so close but then the threads on the bolts are hosed. But that’s how close it is - so just widen the hole a tad and you’re golden.

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