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Hey there fellas, 2002 legacy sw

Parking or running lamps don't come on at all. Every other light works.

No matter what position the light switch is in, or the position of the switch on the top of the steering column.

I know that switch on the column is supposed to turn on the parking lamps no matter if the key is in, so i am thinking that is the problem and the entire combo switch needs to be changed?

I have a spare combo switch and will just swap the plugs to see if this fixes the problem tomorrow, but i am just wondering if anyone has experienced this particular issue. Pain in the rump roast to swap as the steering wheel has to come off, but whatever.

Cheers boys

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What caused the fuse to burn? Fuses don't typically burn out on their own.



I'm gonna suggest this may point to bad wiring in the body-to-hatch boot. I suppose some corrosion in the sockets or a pinched wire, etc. are all possibilities.

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